BBTitans 2023: Why Khosi Confronted Blue Aiva Over Her Man

The drama in the ongoing Big Brother Titan is getting hotter and hotter as housemates are now fighting for partners. Two Nigerian housemates and were in an argument over Khosi now Khosi has confronted Blue Aiva for a similar issue.

Khosi and Blue Aiva are both South Africans and it is quite shocking that the two of them will fight because of the man they met barely two weeks ago. She called Blue Aiva out and asked her to leave her man Yemi Cregx but this didn’t land well with Blue Aiva.

Blue Aiva told her that she should rather go and talk to her so-called man as she is not the one chasing him but the other way round. Khosi was trying to explain more when she got up and told her that she is not ready for that and then left her.

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The thing now is will Yemi who has been seen with almost all the South African ladies in the house stick to Khosi or will he continue in his search to find the perfect one and keep instigating fights amongst the housemates?

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