BBTitans 2023: Jaypee and Miracle Plan Against Entitled Housemate

Jaypee and Miracle share a strong creative bond in the Big Brother Titans Season 1 Reality TV Show, and they’ve taken the bond to a level that would benefit them against all odds.

The friends paired up against Jenni O., one of the most assertive and domineering housemates and if her opinion is not accepted, then all hell would break loose.

During their Big brother Titans rehearsal for the forthcoming wager on Thursday, ideas were being circulated and Jenni O. attempted to impose hers on every other housemate. But the moment Miracle opposed her publicly to her face, she suddenly went gaga and started yelling at the top of her voice and later started shedding what looked like crocodile tears.

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Later, Jaypee pulled Miracle to the side and plotted a way they could deal with Jenni O. since she thinks she’s the boss of everyone and would want to force her suggestions on housemates.

They agreed to continue undermining her, instigate a squabble and act like she’s nothing in the house by snubbing her after engaging in a fight.

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