BBTitans 2023: Drunk Olivia Suffers 3rd, 4th, 5th Rejection, Here’s Why?

Who’s even keeping count got the times Olivia has suffered multiple turndowns from her crush- Thabang since they both got into the Big Brother Titans Reality TV Show?

Observations from all their conversations reveal that Thabang isn’t even playing hard to get or not into her because she’s quite older if their ages are juxtaposed for the sake of clarity.

The core reason Thabang claims is the cause of his numbness towards her approaches has to do with the fact that BBTitans Olivia only declared her love for him whenever she’s highly intoxicated.

Just a few moments ago after their memorable Saturday party Biggie organised to help housemates unwind, Olivia still approached Thabang to state how deeply in love she is with him.

The young lad handled her advances maturely and replied that she should declare love for him when the alcohol is not in her system.

To seal the deal and not make her feel down, Thabang drew her closer to his chest and gave her a loving hug to prove that he was not playing hard to get.

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