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#BBNaijaS7: Trouble in Paradise, Sheggz Threatens Bella

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The longest relationship in the BBN house seems to be standing on shaky grounds at the moment as Sheggz and Bella face a downtime. The clash of different perspective and personalities have started to reflect on the dynamics of their relationship.

Sheggz from the beginning of the show has appeared refined, especially with his background of growing up outside Nigeria. Bella on the other hand reverberates the mean girl energy.

Today, the 31st of August, he finally gave in to his pent-up emotions and there was an outburst from him. The problems stemmed from the continuous verbal disrespect he receives from Bella.

He has taken the relationship seriously and intends to continue the relationship outside to such a degree that it ends in marriage, he has often made this intention clear by referring to her as his wifey.

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For someone he can envision in his future, he finds it scary that she exhibits some disturbing character traits. He questioned her on why she doesn’t see the need for a compromise in her behaviour, especially if she claims to love him.

Bella who was impenitently quiet throughout his speech finally spoke and said, she doesn’t see anything wrong in her behaviour and has done nothing to upset him. Her blindness to her fault angered him more and he replied;

“I definitely love you, I think you are amazing and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I can’t support your attitude. It is too easy for you to snap at me and be verbally abusive. I have done nothing to warrant you speaking to me disrespectfully. What happens when we’re outside and I do something to annoy you, because I definitely would, how then would your reaction be? Being with you is difficult, and I would leave if this behaviour continues”.

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This statement was triggering for Bella, and she expressed her discomfort with him always threatening to leave her. It appears that with every little flare-up from Bella, Sheggz’s reaction is to threaten her with abandonment.

With just one month and some weeks into their relationship, the intensity is high and the issues that come with such intensity are also dramatic, it is a wonder how they would fare outside the house.

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