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#BBNaijaS7: Chichi Weeps Profusely As She Struggles With Biggie’s Punishment

Big Brother instructed the housemate to fill two notebooks with an apology to him before Sunday.

Chi chi broke down on Friday from the pressure of completing Big Brother’s punishment. The housemate, amid tears, complained to her fellow housemates about how daunting the task was and almost impossible to complete.

Recall that Biggie issued the punishment amid a stern warning on Monday for breaking the provocation rule of the house after her fight with Diane. Both housemates got to near blows on Sunday over a minor argument about wardrobe space. Biggie warned that the punishment would act as a deterrent to housemates who might consider such violent behaviour in future.

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Meanwhile, Big Brother has switched things up with the housemates with a new change in wager task schedule. Going forward, the housemates will perform their wager tasks at 2:00 pm while their usual arena games will follow later in the day.

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