#BBNaijaReunion: My relationship With Groovy Was Real – Beauty

Former Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemate, Beauty Tukura has stated that despite the toxic nature of her relationship with her colleague, Groovy, her love was genuine.

She said that she wasn’t playing games with Groovy, stressing that she is a realist.

The reality star stated this during the ‘Level Up’ reunion show episode 8, aired on Thursday night.

She said, “[My relationship with Groovy] was real at that time. I was being genuine from start to finish. And that was what it was.

“It wasn’t a game to me. I was just being me. This is how I am even outside the House, that is how I am; if I like you, I like you, if I don’t like you, I don’t like you.”

Defending himself, Groovy said Beauty was the one who body-shamed and broke up with him.

He said he was hurt when some of the housemates labelled him as “player” after the incident.

Groovy said, “Let’s not forget that this is an adult [pointing to Beauty], that has the ability to make decisions.

“I came clean. I’m a real person. I didn’t come with any games, I didn’t come with anything. So, it really hurt me when the Level 2 people started saying, Groovy is trying to play, Groovy is this, Groovy is that. And that kind of isolated me a lot from the group.”

“This [pointing at Beauty] is literally a lady that ended the relationship. Body-shamed me,” he lamented.

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