BBN All Stars: How Enjoyment Almost Cost Neoenergy 1st Strike

Everything was looking swell for Neoenergy when it almost suddenly went sour as he forgot that he was technically already breaking a major house rule before Biggie called his attention.

This morning, he was in bed with Alex, observing a really sxy form of cuddling with the lady on top, belly and brest facing downward, while the guy is under, also laying face down.

As Neoenergy enjoyed her company, he forgot that his mic had slipped off, hence, the conversation he shared with her, wasn’t heard on screen.

Recall that housemates are not allowed to remove their mics and that they should be always on, battery recharged and only permitted to be removed when they are asleep or bathing.

Sadly, Neo was so deep into the sweet cuddle that he forgot bout his mic and Biggie had to call him out to notify him on fixing it properly before a penalty would be meted out.

If he had failed to adjust the mic immediately, no gainsaying the fact that he was going to suffer the first strike in BBNaija All Stars game show.

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