BBMzansi: Watch Libo Win The Final BBMzansi Friday Night Games [Video]

The Housemates looked as if they had just stepped out of a Thriller music video and when they entered the arena, Biggie allowed them to walk around the Haunted House.

This week’s course had four challenges. The Housemates seemed pretty taken aback by the fact that this game requires them to eat things. This week courage and bravery were the order of the day.


The rules have remained pretty standard week in and week out with a few minor changes. There are always arrows on the floor that help to guide the Housemates with clear markings of ‘start’ and ‘finish’.

The was an allocated time of six minutes and the person with the lowest time would be crowned the winner. Biggie also mentioned that a grand prize awaits the Housemate with the overall quickest time of the season.

The name of the game was called The Dead Escape.

The challenges

Heart in the right place – There was a giant table with organs on it and the Housemates were expected to move the heart inside the galas and place it on a tree stump with an axe on it.

Weigh the mystery food – Each Housemate had to pick a bowl and transfer 100g of the mystery food from the big bowl into the small bowl using their mouths. The catch here was that they needed to remember to switch on their scales which Tulz almost forgot to do.

Dare to eat – There were two tables at this station and the small table had a dice on it. The Housemates had to roll a dice and the number the dice lands on dictated how many spoons of the slime they ate. The Housemates commended Libo for eating the slime like a champ.

Unlock your fears – On the floor, there were five bowls that the Housemates picked from and they had to fish for the key using only their feet. After finding the key the Housemates then had to unlock a metal trunk.

The winner for the final Friday Night Games was Libo with a time of 02:13. The other Housemates also did well and only Themba exceeded the allocated time by incurring five penalties.

Watch Video Below:

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