BBMzansi: “This is Sparta” Housemates wear capes [Video]

Not all superheroes wear capes, but the Housemates all did tonight.

Fridays are Games Night evenings and every Friday Biggie ensures that the Housemates understand the rules before playing any of the games.


He explains how the games will work and how the Housemates can stand a chance to win.

Tonight’s game was no different until it was…

Video Below:

YouTube video


Over the barrels – There were two barrels that the Housemates needed to go over.

Crawl under the boat – The Housemates had to crawl under the net and the Head of House has to be on standby to help in case any of the Housemates got stuck.

Over the Zig Zag – The Housemates had to balance across the planks places in a zig-zag shape and they had touchpoints with red dots on them. The Housemates had to step on all the dots, if not a 30-second penalty would be added to their final score.

Over the gorge – The Housemates found a rope in the middle of a structure and they had to switch from one side to another.

Tangled in the battlefield – The Housemates had to walk through a maze of net while balancing a wine glass and making sure it doesn’t fall until they reach the other end. If they drop the glass, it would result in a 30-second penalty.

The Housemates all made it to the finish line on time but Biggie had to review. The fastest time was held by Sis Tamara at 42 seconds but after Biggie realised that they did not pass all the challenges, they and some of the other Housemates incurred their penalties at the end of the game and this put Themba in first place and he won with an amazing time of 58 seconds.

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