BBMzansi: Mphowabadimo’s Fans Drags BBMzansi For Sabotaging Her

Mphowabadimo is a powerful presence in the house. But her name has become so synonymous with gossip that the two seem interchangeable in many people’s eyes. But is this true, or the work of a strategic camera man?

The fans believe this is the case and have been flooding Twitter to cement their claims

I have been witness to Mpho having deeply intellectual and spiritual conversations in the house. But that is not the content that people want to see. With her budding romance with Libo, people want to see that particular “ship” sailing, but the only content they seem to get is Mpho gossip.

The lamentations cannot be read all over Twitter as her fans complain about the unfair framing of her as a gossip specialist.

It is especially offensive when you realize the men of the house literally gossip so much they were having conferences all of last week. The infamous “men’s conference” that yielded nothing but disrespect for the women in the house.

One such disgruntled Twitter user wrote, “Whoever is the camera man. I think you don’t like Mpho tuu. When she is dancing and having fun with others you don’t show her on TV but the minute she’s gossiping, you go straight to her, you like to see her being dragged left and right as long your hashtag is trending #BBMzansi“

Mphowabadimo Big Brother Mzansi fans

Mphowabadimo Big Brother Mzansi fans

Mpho’s fans are rightfully upset because she only gets a few minutes of non-gossip time. When she’s just having a casual conversation or loving up on Libo, it cannot be found. I’m also starting to believe that this is true. There is an encouraging of stereotypes on a show like this, but it definitely at the detriment of the female contestants.

Mpho, Dinky, Terry, Sis Tamara and Acacia are framed as gossipers. Why is that?

There is no one in the house who can feign innocence when it comes to gossiping. It’s a natural part of the game, they’re still strangers and this is like a social experiment. So then why is it only the women and/or effeminate people who catch the heat for it when the men are guilty of this too?

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