BBMzansi: Libo Sent On A Secret Mission — Day 51 [Video]

Biggie has sent Libo on a secret mission and we must admit, he looks very nervous.

Libo’s mission involves pranking his fellow Housemates by stealing one item from each of them. The trick is that it has to be the Housemate’s favourite item, i.e. Tulz’s famous brown jersey. 😱

In order not to raise suspicion, Biggie has instructed Libo to also stage his own theft. Meaning he must also take one of his favourite item.

While in the Diary Session, Biggie provided him with an empty bag. Once all the items have been stolen, Libo has to put them in the bag and then alert Biggie. The big man will then open the storeroom in order for Libo to hide the bag in there.

The mission has to be completed without raising any suspicion from fellow Housemates. More importantly, Libo needs to do all of this without tell anyone. Yes, not even HoH, Themba or Tulz.

He has until tomorrow afternoon ( 24 hours) to wrap up this mission. If he carries it out successfully, he will be given a reward for his effort. Now this should motivate him to go out there and conquer!

We will have to wait and see if Libo is able to pull off this mission. The viewers are already nervous just as much as he is. HoH, Themba picked up on this and asked him if he was okay.

Will he manage to do this without getting caught?

Watch Video Below:

YouTube video

Viewers took to socials to share their views about Biggie trusting Libo with such a mission. As per norm, there was no holding them back. Have a look at some of the comments that stood out from our timeline.

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