BBMzansi: Libo Opens Up To Sis Tamara About How His Relationship With Mpho And Terry Turned Sour

BBMzansi housemate Libo opened up to Sis Tamara about how hurt he is by how the relationships in the House have played themselves out.

He cared deeply about Mpho but he had come to terms with that ending and that there would not be enough time to make amends.

He is struggling with his friendship with Terry ending so abruptly and without cause.

He does not understand what happened between them because he has been ‘Team Terry’ from the beginning and he had really opened up himself to her and cares for her deeply.

He feels like her behavior is making him question if their connection was ever genuine and if she cared because they had made plans for outside of the House and he does not know where those stand anymore.

Sis Tamara advised Libo to speak to Terry about this but to have no expectations when he does.

We never really talk about the pain of losing a friend and how painful that experience can be. A friend is someone you trust with some of the most intimate parts of yourself.

You open up about your life and let them into parts that no one has ever seen.

Now can you imagine being this vulnerable with someone in front of the whole nation and then just like that, they stop talking to you?

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