BBMzansi: Housemates searches for their missing items Libo took

A few days ago, Libo was given a Secret Task by Biggie to steal a prized possession from each of the other Housemates, including his, and this has caused a bit of suspicions amongst the victims.

Following Libo’s success to pilfer Housemates items, it took a few days before all the Housemates knew what was up. Pretty soon, though, some Housemates assumed it must be something along the lines of a Secret Task assigned to one of their fellow Housemates, but they had no idea who that Housemate might be seeing that Libo stashed away one of his own items to avoid suspicion.


On the face of it, it’s not unreasonable that the Housemates might believe a Secret Task would be handed out. After all, the House is under constant surveillance, so a cat burglar seems a little bit unlikely – the loads of people watching the show make for a pretty good neighbourhood watch, after all.

However, the time that’s passed has allowed for some paranoia to kick in, and – along with it – one Housemate has come up with a theory.

Terry believes that – before they left the House – Nale and Venus must have stolen the items. This deserves a bit of unpacking.

Obviously, we know that the items only went missing after Libo’s Diary Session on Tuesday, which was almost 48 hours after Nale and Venus were shown the door. Of course, if the Housemates didn’t pay any attention to those items in those 48 hours, it’s understandable that they might think they went missing on the Sunday.

The theory, however, has one glaring hole: Nale and Venus did not know they would be leaving the House.

They found out about it on the night, and they didn’t have any time – between Biggie’s countdown and hugging everyone goodbye – to participate in a 50-meter dash around the House, stealing items. So, when you think about it, the theory falls flat pretty fast.

What this tells us is that their time in the House may have started to introduce a bit of paranoia. The Housemates aren’t stupid, but there’s a better than even chance that the constant shifting landscape that comes with the rules and intrigue in the House has got the Housemates willing to believe that almost anything is possible – even something as crazy as two Housemates conspiring to lift some items and take them out of the House before they could possibly know that they would be leaving the House.

Of course, the Housemates will learn the truth tomorrow, and Libo will receive his reward for successfully pulling off the heist.

We’re not sure what the reward might be, but it better be worth the Housemates feeling all shook.

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