ASUP STRIKE: Outcome Of FPE Student Union Meeting With Management

Office of the President; Federal Polytechnic Ede Student’s Union Government

Press statement

We made a pledge in the presence of all to serve with humility, total respect to the rights of students and by all means to contribute to the academic and structural development of the polytechnic community. We know that it’s going to be tough but the true confession is we have refused to negotiate the interest of our members inspite of challenges we met. A baton of trust and service given to us by members of this union has become a duty and responsibility for us to bear and we shall act accordingly.

We had a very tough intellectual debate with the management of our noble institution in a closed door meeting while presenting the demands of the students of this great institution. We told them that the students are tired of strike actions and we delivered your message that this ongoing strike has negatively affected students populace and if not properly checked would cause damages.

We respect the fact that there’s an ongoing nationwide strike but it is our belief as a body that if some federal polytechnics refuse to join this nationwide strike, we see no reason why Federal Polytechnic Ede should forcefully join the nationwide strike. Whenever there’s a fight between two elephants, the grasses suffer most. We respect the choice of our sister union, ASUP but we say to them respectfully that it’s enough.

We spoke to our listening management in the language they understand and the management assured us that they will meet with concerned bodies, reach a proper resolution with a promise to get back to us after meeting with concerned bodies.

It is our joys to inform you all that the management has called upon the three arms of our government (SUEC, SURC and SUJC) to give us feedbacks where 85% of our demands were met and approved.


■ The Federal Polytechnic Ede should opt out of the strike as it is drastically affecting students who are members of our noble union.

The rector showed his displeasure on this nation wide strike, although what they requesting is for the benefit of students and polytechnics at large. It could have been better if the strike is local; nevertheless he assured us that he will put all mechanisms in his disposal to ensure that our institution will opt out from this strike so that the students will resume into full academic activities; he said. We have full confidence in our rector as he has always proved to us to be a man of his words and hereby give two weeks ultimatum.

■ We demanded for extension of generator hours for students who live in school hostels whenever there’s no power supply. Generator should also be active in the day not only at night. It is also our joy to inform you that there will be provision of power supply via generator within the hours of 10:00am – 12:00pm, 2:00pm – 4:00pm and 7:00pm till 10:00pm respectively provided that there’s no power supply.

And all other demands were met and properly implemented with immediate effect.

Our top priority is the strike actions. Although we have been assured by management of our noble institution and we have great belief in the sacrificing spirit of our sister union; ASUP yet we appeal to all to make our two weeks ultimatum visible.

We hereby declared the protest pend till the ultimatum period elapse and we are assurring you that our school will opt out from the strike before the two weeks given as the fact collated from what Mr Rector’s said.

As we are calling upon the students to come to the school vicinity by starting/continue with the registration and as well prepared for lecture come the stipulated period.

Dare to struggle dare to win

Comr. Ilesanmi Victor (Charis-Vic)
Students’ union PRO

Comr. Rufai Lukman (SIWES)
The President,
Students’ Union Government
Federal Polytechnic Ede

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