Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out That Are Sure To Get A “Yes”

Thinking about asking out your crush? You may want to brush up on your strategy. Just use these cute ways to ask a girl out to have her head over heels.

Asking a girl out is one of the most daunting challenges to a guy’s dating life. First, the burden of making the first move will always be in a man’s purview. Second is the competition. While girls might be able to pick and choose more easily from a horde of fawning admirers, men typically have to deal with the task of finding cute ways to ask a girl out and get her to say yes.

While not all men can be as smooth and dashing as Will Smith in Hitch, one thing they do have in common is the fact that they want their crush to say “yes” when invited on a date. There are many moves and styles that you can use, but most of these have become old and tired. The thing is, if guys really want their crush to go out with them, the only way is to up the ante and come up with cute ways to ask a girl out.

Some quick advice

#1 Keep it simple, yet creative.

Coming up with something overly elaborate and expensive doesn’t always mean success. If you overdo it, chances are that your crush might get weirded out. Come up with something you yourself created and don’t rely too much on spending money to ask her out.

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#2 Know your crush.

Research will always pay off. A quick peek at her social media will give you tons of ideas about what she likes, where she hangs out, what activities she likes doing. Subtly fishing information from common friends and acquaintances helps, too. Just don’t be a stalker.

#3 Know what you can do.

Are you the creative type? Musically talented? The tech-savvy geek? Or are you the witty comedian? This is the part where you put your cards on the table. Use your best talent to come up with something to make her giddy and say yes.

#4 Pay attention to timing.

Timing is everything. Even if your crush secretly likes you back and is aching for you to ask her out, it could spell rejection if your timing is off. Always get a feel for her disposition, and choose an appropriate time to ask her out. Make sure you ask her out when you see that she’s in a good mood or if you feel that her schedule is free.

#5 Finally, it’s just a date!

You’re not asking for her hand in marriage. Sometimes, attraction to your crush makes you overanalyze things and leaves you having second thoughts and missing a good moment. Keep in mind that you’re inviting her out to spend some time to get to know her better and have a good time, so hold off on those other moves for later *if things go well*.

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Cute ways to ask a girl out using food

Aside from romance, one thing that easily gets to girl’s heart both literally and figuratively is through food. You can add that dash of subtlety by coming up with a good excuse to give her her favorite pastry out of nowhere and slip in that invitation for a date.

#1 Bake her a cake or some cookies to show your skill and effort.

Slip in your invitation as a note or scribble it in frosting before giving it to her personally or leaving it on her desk.

#2 For coffee lovers .

Commission your barista buddy to come up with a cute latte art message the next time your crush queues up on your corner coffee shop.

#3 A special fortune cookie .

The next time you order Chinese takeout, give her that special fortune cookie that says, “You will be very lucky if you go out on a date with the guy who gave you this.”

#4 Make her a bento packed lunch.

Bento lunches can be designed in a way that makes them look appetizing and cute at the same time. These are a perfect way to show her that you care and that you’d love for her to go out on a date with you.

#5 Send her a care package during her period.

This is the ultimate gesture that is sure to leave her smiling. However, we’ll leave the task of knowing when her period is up to you. Send a bunch of chocolates and snacks to her desk or her apartment with a cheeky message asking her out.

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For the artsy types and creative people

Girls admire talent more than good looks or money. Asking her out with your own handmade craft will definitely increase your chances of getting that date with her.

#1 Make her a playlist.

So both of you have a similar taste in music? Make her the classic mixed CD, or a Spotify playlist if you’re more contemporary. Give her songs that will send a cute message, or insert your own audio invitation to ask her out.

#2 Draw her a comic.

Comics can be a cute and amusing way to ask a girl out. If you’re good at this, you can come up with a cute story that will end in an invitation.

#3 Give her a Q&A card.

Write something along the lines of, “Will you go out with me? A. Yes B. No.” She’ll probably enjoy the creativity and lightheartedness of your efforts.

#4 Create a crossword puzzle.

Make a game or a puzzle that spells out, “Would you go out with me?” and watch her face light up.

#5 Rig a video game.

If she’s into video games and your tech skills are up to the task, you can rig an old video game or come up with your own game that’ll ask her out in the end.

#6 Say it with Post-its.

Cover her computer monitor with Post-it notes revealing your message typed on her monitor underneath.

#7 Stage a “kidnapping” of one of her belongings.

This can be pretty invasive, but if done properly, it can be seen as cute and delightful. Pilfer a useless item from her desk and replace it with a clichéd cut-paper ransom note asking her to go out with you to get her item back.

#8 Say it with a pet.

In classic Disney style, this one will surely get you a yes. But before you spring for a puppy, we suggest you aim a little smaller. Besides, what says, “Will you go out with me?” cuter than a bubbly little fish?

Although it can be difficult at times, sometimes you’ve got to muster your courage and put yourself out there to come up with cute ways to ask a girl out. If you really like her, coming up with your own ways to ask her will be just as much fun for you as it will be for her!

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