Apollo Eye Infection Treatments

Apollo eye, pink eye or just conjunctivitis – you know this infection by many names! Still, the question is simple – what is the cure for Apollo eye infection? To answer this question, NAIJAPARY presents you top 11 home remedies for Apollo eye infection!

What is Apollo eye infection?

Apollo eye infection is an inflammation of the white part of your eye. It can also damage and inflame your inner eyelid. It makes the white part of your eye reddish or pink. You may experience constant urge to scratch your eye. Your sufferings will not end with just the itchy eye. Due to the swelling of the pink eye – you may experience the inability to open your eye after sleeping for a while. Do not forget that Apollo eye infection can affect both your eyes.

Who has the greatest chances to get an Apollo eye infection?

– People who are in a close proximity with a person who suffers from conjunctivitis! Therefore, take some precautions when you have a person with this infection in your house. Do not share the same towel with this person and wash your hands regularly!

– Old People can suffer from Apollo eye as their immune system is not as strong to fight it!

– Children! They can be in a close contact with other persons who have conjunctivitis. Therefore, teach your children to wash their hands regularly!

– People who suffer from respiratory diseases may also get this infection;

– People who suffer from diabetes;

– People who take steroids;

– People who suffer from different transmitted diseases.

Top 11 Apollo Eye Infection Treatments

1. Honey

Honey can be the perfect solution to almost any disease. Just mix three tablespoons of honey with half a liter of boiling water. Let the mixture cool down until it becomes warm. After that, you can wash your infected eye with this mixture 2-3 times a day to get results.

2. Milk and Honey mixture

The recipe is the same as with boiling water, but you just need to mix milk and honey with the same proportions (0.5 liters of milk to 3 tablespoons of honey). Use cotton pads to clean your eyes with this mixture.

3. Potato

One raw potato per day can help you with Apollo eye infection. Just cut one potato into halves and place the slices on your infected eyes. Keep the slices on your eyes for twenty minutes. Repeat this procedure every day, and you will see the results!

4. Aloe Vera

You won’t believe it but fresh Aloe Vera gel can be your cure for Apollo eye infection. Just soak a clean cotton pad or handkerchief on a mixture of Aloe Vera. Place them on the infected eye. Aloe Vera medical properties can be your best treatment for Apollo eye!

5. Baking Soda

Adults prefer really effective methods to get rid of the infections quickly! Therefore, baking soda can be your perfect solution. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with boiling water. Cold down the water until it becomes lukewarm. After that, wash your infected eyes with this mixture at least two times a day to get quick results.

6. Compresses

A cold or warm compress can be a simple and effortless solution for your pink eye. Nevertheless, do not forget that you need to use clean water! Take a clean cloth and soak it in lukewarm/cold water. Apply the compress for ten minutes on your eyes! Repeat the procedure twice per day!

7. Black tea compress

If you have prepared a cup of black tea, then do not get rid of the leaves. Add some water and soak a cotton pad in the black tea. Apply this cotton pad on your eye for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure at least two times per day!

8. Boric Acid

It`s another good solution for your Apollo eye. Take 100 ml of boiling water and dilute a tablespoon of Boric acid in it. Cool down the water until it becomes lukewarm. Use this mixture to wash your eyes. For best results, repeat the procedure every day for at least one week.

9. Lemon Juice

Mix some lemon juice with lukewarm water. Soak a cotton pad or a piece of cloth in the mixture and apply on the infected eye. Repeat the procedure at least two times a day during one week to get the best results!

10. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a perfect remedy to ease itchiness in your red eyes. Just soak a cotton pad in coconut oil. Apply the pad over the infected eye. Repeat the procedure every time you feel itchiness in your eye.

11. Salt Water

It`s possible to make your own natural eye drops with salt water. Just mix a teaspoon of table salt with a cup of lukewarm water. Pour few drops of this mixture in your eye! Repeat the procedure at least two times per day.

How to treat Apollo eye infection?

If home remedies do not help with Apollo eye infection, then it`s time to see a doctor! Do not forget that conjunctivitis can lead to a more serious infection. Therefore, the doctor may prescribe you eye drops or even antibiotics if you have a serious case of the infection. Do not underestimate Apollo eye infection! In the worst case scenario, you can even lose your vision!


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