Answers To Common Questions JAMB Applicant Asked

These questions can be common and at the same time they are hot and can ruin your whole day if you don't care…

This particular post is tailored to our love to help first- time JAMBITES and anyone else who has a serious need to answer some common questions correctly.

I worked closely with the Accredited JAMB Center where I helped register JAMB candidates and they keep asking a couple of hot JAMB questions, and I know very well that not only a few of them ask these questions, so we'll discuss them in this post today.

This is not a post on repeated JAMB questions or likely JAMB questions and answers, I will focus exclusively on common questions that candidates who register JAMB ask, which I expect every JAMBITE to know.

Common JAMB Questions

Candidates Ask Take a closer look at the following questions and see what we have to say

1. Can I choose 3 Degree Awarding Institutions?

There are several cases in which students try to select the same or different institutions awarding degrees in two places, but JAMB does not allow this.

JAMB only supports the fact that a candidate can only select institutions awarding 2 degrees and can now select one university or polytechnic and innovative enterprise to fill the four areas.

2. How many universities can I choose in JAMB?

I also saw some candidates who wanted to select the same or different federal universities as JAMB ‘s first and second choice.

You can only choose one federal university as your first choice, according to JAMB, and then choose any state university as your second choice. In other words, if you want to choose any federal university in JAMB, federal universities are expected to be in the first choice of institutions.

Let's keep all the grammar aside, you just have to realize that only one federal university is permitted and should always be in first order.

3. Can I use more than two sittings?

That's for a NO! You can only use one sitting or a maximum of 2 sitting from the same year or another year when you register for JAMB, but should not be more than two sessions.

If you plan to register JAMB with more than 2 O'Level results, I think you've learned that it won't work for you in this way, you may need to read hard and then rewrite to get a clean result in one sitting.

4. Uploading the results of JAMB O'Level Is It Must?

All candidates who have written WAEC, NECO or NABTEB are required to fill in their subject grades and upload a copy of their results at O'Level to serve as evidence of the grades provided during registration. Check the complete guide to how to upload JAMB portal results.

For candidates who are still sitting for their O'Level exam, this is not so. Candidates awaiting the results can currently use the “A / R” option in the grading column and proceed to the JAMB office or other nearby approved JAMB CBT center for uploading the JAMB result.

5. Can I use JAMB ‘s previous email address for creating JAMB profiles in 2019?

Remember that does not apply! Creating an email account is something you can do with your smartphones, so you don't even have to pay for it, you can ask friends to help you and create one if you can't handle it or even contact us for a free email creation service.

All we care about is your success in JAMB and your academic as a whole. Remember that the email address serves as a username by which you can access the JAMB portal or even check your JAMB CAPS for .

JAMB database can not create separate accounts for candidates using the same e- mail address as long as it serves as a username. Only if you hack JAMB WEBSITE lol can this happen!

Always create a new email address to create a new JAMB profile, once this year is gone, another year requires a new email address and JAMB has always advised that applicants should use Google mail services for a faster response. You may have problems with other email service providers.

6. Can I get someone to help me Thumbprint?

Some candidates are busy with work or live with someone, or may even want to know if someone can register for them to do so… let me reserve my comment:).

No one can thumbprint for you, you can only thumbprint for yourself, and even if you have problems with your fingers, it can easily be marked as bad and moved to the next available ones.

Please do not allow anyone on your behalf to do JAMB thumbprinting.

7. How to play CD from JAMB?

Several candidates have tried to browse the JAMB CD through the DVD player, I said on my Whatsapp status recently that “the first step to fail JAMB is to slot the JAMB CD into a DVD player.”

Let me shock you:

Several people replied to my status saying they had done so in the past while many who were still writing JAMB said “Why?

The JAMB CD is packed with important JAMB files such as the current JAMB syllabus, which helps students learn more about different schools, their needs, combinations of JAMB subjects for different courses and recommended JAMB textbooks for physics, chemistry, literature and others.

These JAMB CD file formats can only be read using the computer, you can easily slot them into your PC and start browsing their content.

Finding out.

How hard is JAMB or how difficult is JAMB? That's also part of the questions that people ask. It can be easy or difficult, though, everything is a product of what you know about JAMB and it can make your day or ruin it.

If you are not a fan here who regularly reads our latest JAMB tips and special guides curated for you in our JAMB directory, you can register JAMB for the first time with several confusions.

So always ask the right person to avoid making stupid JAMB mistakes and always visit our website for an updated version of information about various schools in Nigeria and beyond.

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