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Anoushka Sunak and Krishna Sunak (Rishi Sunak Children) Biography, Age, Net Worth


Rishi Sunak and are their parents, and their children are Anoushka Sunak and Krishna Sunak.

Their father is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and their mother is the daughter of the founder of Infosys as well as a successful businesswoman.


The position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been given to Rishi. As a result, a great number of folks are interested in learning more about his family, including his wife who is a wealthy software heiress and the girls he shares with her.

Anoushka and Krishna Sunak

Name: Anoushka and Krishna Sunak
Anoushka Sunak Age: 9 years
Krishna Sunak Age: 11 years
Father: Rishi Sunak
Mother: Akshata Murty
Occupation: Politician
Parents Net Worth: £730 million

Anoushka and Krishna Sunak Biography

Anoushka and Krishna Sunak are Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty’s two daughters. Anoushka is the older of the two, and Krishna is the younger.


They are N.’s granddaughters, to put it another way. R. Narayana Murthy. Although their mother is already well-known due to the fact that she is the daughter of an Indian millionaire, she also runs her own business. In addition to it, she works in the fashion industry.

In a similar vein, their father made the transition from banking to politics. He is currently serving as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and is known for being the youngest and richest Prime Minister in the history of Britain.

Anoushka Sunak Age

Anoushka Sunak is the youngest child that Rishi and Akshata have to offer the world. As of the year 2022, she will be nine years old.

How Old Is Krishna Sunak?

Rishi’s firstborn child is a girl named Krishna Sunka. At this point in time, she is 11 years old. She had been spotted in public with her mother and father on previous occasions. On the other hand, there is not a single piece of extra information on her that can be found on the internet, which may be due to privacy concerns.

Anoushka and Krishna Sunak Parents


Rishi Sunak is the father of Anoushka and Krishna, his two daughters. Since the 20th of October in 2022, Rishi has held the positions of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party. Rishi is a politician from the United Kingdom.

Additionally, their father is considered to be one of the wealthiest Prime Ministers in the history of the United Kingdom. He is N.’s son-in-law at this point. R. Narayana Murthy is the name of the Indian businessman who is now worth a billion dollars and started Infosys.

His fortune, along with that of his wife, would be worth approximately £730 million if it were to be valued today. After receiving his degree from Stanford, Sunak worked for Goldman Sachs and then went on to become a partner in various hedge fund organizations, including Children’s Investment Fund Management and Theleme Partners.

He made his official debut in politics in 2015, when he was chosen to represent the constituency of Richmond in North Yorkshire in the House of Commons during the general election that year. Since then, he has been concentrating on building his career in politics.


Anoushka and Krishna Murthy have their mother, Akshata Murthy, to thank for their existence. She holds a stake in Infosys equal to 0.91%, which is currently worth approximately £700 million. In addition to that, she has her own business. She is the CEO of her own fashion label, which is called Aksahta Designs, which she also owns.

In addition to that, she oversees the operations of a venture capital firm that her father established in 2010. According to Guardian, she is also listed on LinkedIn as a director for the gym chain Digme Fitness, the men’s clothing boutique New & Lingwood, and the capital and private equity firm Catamaran Ventures. In addition, she is a director for all three of these companies.

While they were both attending Standford University, she became acquainted with her future husband, Rishi. Before going their own ways, they had some years of life together. In 2009, the ceremony took place in Bengaluru, which is Murthy’s birthplace. The wedding took place over the course of two days in Bengaluru, the city in which she was born.

During the summer leadership race against Liz Truss, the girls accompanied their father on campaign stops as he traveled across the country. In a similar vein, the family was observed in July while attending an event for the Conservative leadership campaign.

Rishi was born into a family that was part of the working class. However, his offspring may today be considered to be among those children that belong to the upper class or perhaps the elites. Both his mother, Usha Sunak, and his father, Yashvir, worked as general practitioners for the NHS. His mother was a pharmacist.

He went to Winchester College, a boys’ independent boarding school. He spent his vacation time working as a waiter at a curry restaurant in Southampton. The restaurant was in Southampton.

He attended Lincoln College in Oxford and earned a degree with a first-class standing in the subject of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) in the year 2001. As a Fulbright scholar, he attended Stanford University and earned his master’s degree in business administration there in 2006.

Anoushka and Krishna Sunak Net Worth

Rishi Sunak Children Net Worth: As long as they are still young, Rishi Sunak’s offspring will not be in possession of their very own fortune. On the other hand, their parents have poured an enormous amount of money into providing for them and educating them.

As of the year 2022, Rishi and Akshata, his wife, had a combined wealth of 730 million pounds. Glendower Prep, located in the affluent suburb of South Kensington, is the school that both of the girls attend.

Since the annual tuition is £22,350, Rishi and his wife are required to spend a total of more than £44,000 for their daughter’s schooling. There are a number of famous people’s offspring that send their children to this primary school, including Harper Beckham, who is the daughter of Victoria and David Beckham.

According to Hello Magazine, his oldest daughter was set to make the move to boarding school in September, which would have cost a total of $41,250 a year.

Facts About Anoushka and Krishna, Rishi Sunak Children

  1. Who Is Rishi Sunak daughter Krishna Sunak? She is the oldest daughter of Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy, and her name is Krishna Sunak.
  2. Who Is Rishi Sunak daughter Anoushka Sunak? Rishi Sunak and are the parents of Anoushka Sunak, who is their second and youngest daughter.
  3. How Old Is Krishna Sunak? The date of Krishna Sunak’s birth has not been made public, however she is currently eleven years old.
  4. How Old Is Krishna Sunak? As of the year 2022, Anoushka Sunak has reached the age of nine.

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