Andrew Dodson Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Family

Andrew Dodson, a Kentucky high school football athlete, passed away on Monday.

What Happened to Ky. High School Football player?

An athlete from Pulaski County High School who suffered a brain injury during a competition on Friday has passed away, according to a report from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association on Monday.

“No words can explain, justify, or rationalize tragedies such as these,” according to a KHSAA social media statement about Andrew’s death.

“We only ask for peace and comfort to all around him.” Since Friday, when Andrew was injured, a campaign dubbed Prayers for Andrew has been spreading across Kentucky.

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Alan Dodson said his son Andrew was carrying the ball in the Pulaski County varsity football spring Maroon and White game when he was tackled by a teammate.

“It was not a violent hit or helmet-to-helmet. Dodson noted Andrew’s “simple, clean tackle.”

Dodson noticed Andrew was donning a helmet. Dodson said on Sunday night, “His head hit the turf, and Andrew suffered blunt-force trauma to the brain.”

“He had major surgery to relieve the pressure and has never awakened. He has been fought (ing) for his life on total life support.”

How Did Andrew Dodson Die?

Andrew met with a terrible football accident on Friday night and died from a brain injury. KHSAA announced the death of the young player by releasing the following statement.

KHSAA is a family of its member schools, their administrators, coaches, teachers, and fans. But most importantly and as the primary focus, the student-athletes. Andrew Dodson was a member of this family. Today, we all mourn with his family, friends, teammates, and the entire KHSAA family, the loss of this young man.

No words can explain, justify or rationalize tragedies such as these. We only ask for peace and comfort for all around him and around our great Commonwealth. We also encourage all to seek out family and friends to walk through this difficult time together and talk through all the emotions that come with losing a friend, brother, comrade, child, and teammate.

We know in the hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead we will continue to remember his fighting spirit and passion for all things Pulaski County, as well as his deeply held beliefs about his time on earth and following. We hold his family and friends close in these times and offer our deepest condolences.”

Andrew will be greatly missed by his friends and family members.

Who was Andrew Dodson?

Andrew was a young athlete from Pulaski County High School. He was a talented football player of the Pulaski County football team.

Andrew also played for Maroons Nation. He spent his sophomore season as a tight end and defensive end for the Maroons.

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High Street Baptist Church’s pastor, Brandon Carrier, claims that he would frequently helps there. Andrew, according to Carrier, was involved in numerous religious organizations and frequently seen helping around Somerset. Carrier remarked, “If it had to be done, he did it. He was that kind of kid.”

Dodson got injured in Friday’s practice game and was taken immediately to a hospital and sadly passed away.

Andrew Dodson Cause of Death

Pulaski County football player, Andrew died of a brain injury that he sustained during the Spring Game on Friday night.

His parents said that their son was seriously injured on Friday during practice. They claimed that it was a very routine play and that nobody is at fault.

Dodson was immediately transported to Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset, where he underwent several surgeries before being declared deceased early on Monday.

After Andrew’s passing on Monday, many individuals and organizations made tributes to him. Out thoughts are with his mother, Amy Dodson, his father Alan Dodson and brother Allistair Dodson.

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