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Ana Mercedes Hoyos, a painter from Colombia, passed away at the age of 71 due to natural causes. In case you or anyone you know has any doubts about what actually killed Ana Mercedes Hoyos, you can look up the official Cause of Death right here.

How Did Ana Mercedes Hoyos Die?

Ana Mercedes Hoyos passed away, as was previously mentioned, from natural causes. Hearing this has caused concern among her devotees. Many famous people have expressed their sorrow to the family of the deceased.

At age 71, Ana Mercedes Hoyos passed away. Her unexpected passing came as a shock to everyone. However, everything is ultimately in God’s hands. Ana Mercedes Hoyos, a painter from Colombia, has a brief available for your perusal down below.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos Cause of Death

Living a healthy lifestyle has been shown to increase longevity. Nonetheless, not everyone can benefit from this because of their jobs and schedules. The importance of maintaining good health increases as we age because our bodies become more restless.

People pass away for many reasons, some preventable and some not, including natural causes, accidents, intentional harm, and more. It’s shocking that even young children are susceptible to a wide range of illnesses today.

Recently, there has been a surprising number of high-profile deaths. One of them is the Colombian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos. She entered the world on September 29, 1942, and went on to achieve great fame and fortune.

However, she has passed away and can no longer be found. According to bizadda360’s reporting, Ana Mercedes Hoyos died on September 5th, 2014. Fans of Ana Mercedes Hoyos want to know how she passed away more than anything else.

The results of our investigation led us to conclude that natural causes of death were responsible for Ana Mercedes Hoyos’s passing.

Who Was Ana Mercedes Hoyos?

Hoyos was a painter, sculptor, and pioneer in modern art who focused on the complexities of Colombian culture.

The San Diego Union-Tribune states that she was known for her “vivid play of colors” in “abstract works of art” as well as “the figurative paintings of still lifes, macaws and fruit vendors on the beaches of Colombia’s Atlantic coast.”

Hoyos was born to a family of architects in Bogotá, Colombia on September 29, 1942.

She was encouraged to study art history from a young age and attended Colegia Marymount, where she took private painting lessons, before studying visual arts at the University of Andes.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos Career

Hoyas explored more minimalistic and abstract styles, which led to her first series Ventanas (Windows).

In 1971, it won the Colombian National Salon of Artists’ Caracas Prize and many have considered this collection an important milestone in her career.

Over the next few decades, Hoyos ventured into new realms. She released Atmósferas (Atmospheres) in the mid-1970s which was a series exploring the parameters of light and gained international recognition.

Hoyos also explored the art of still-life paintings and examined the multicultural diversity of Columbia. Her paintings portrayed Afro-Colombian heritage in a unique yet mesmerizing way.

She reportedly began researching slavery and the idea of freedom, to formulate an understanding of how those historical events shaped and changed her home country of Colombia.

The artist then turned her focus toward creating works featuring flora and fruit typically found in the city of Cartagena, where she lived during the 1980s.

Former US President Bill Clinton invited Hoyos to take part in the conference on “Culture and Diplomacy” held at the White House in 2000. During that same year, she was given an Honoris Causa master’s degree in visual arts from the University of Antioquia of Medellín.


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