6 Interesting Facts About Smiles You Never Knew. Number 2 Will Surprise You

Smiling is a facial expression comprise by flexing the muscles of both ends of one’s mouth, often showing the front teeth, without vocalization. It is a common involuntary or voluntary expression of happiness, pleasure, amusement or anxiety among human.

One of the ways to avoid spending too much on our health is through smiling. The benefit is beyond showing of teeth to people. Here are the amazing facts that will make you grin more;


People who smile often get this comment from same sex and opposite sex. The facial expression beautifies you because during the process, some parts of the face spreads and make your face more attractive.

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Research show that people who smile often have the ability to live 7 years longer than people who do not. When smiling, it does not only take care of the outside look it also take care of the inner look by making us more healthy. The healthiness affects lifespan in women especially.


This occur naturally when you smile because you are happier and it makes you feel more healthy. In this kind of situation, the body feel relaxed and make it active and prevents the body from any form of complications.

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By smiling, it brings a noticeable difference in blood pressure. People who smile hardly develop heart disease because the endorphins rise and cause the blood pressure to be lower.


Whenever you feel down, sad, and stressed just smile to yourself. The spirit of smiling is so powerful that at the moment of smiling you forget your worries and a kind confidence enters you that everything will be okay. Mood changes anytime we smile. Aside from that, when we smile it can extend to people that surround us.

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People who smile a lot are usually friendly, approachable, and easy going. This involuntary is important especially for women. Women who do not often develop wrinkles at an early age which makes their face unattractive. Smiling is good for the body all the time, even medical practitioners recommend smiling to live a healthy life.

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