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Alloura Wells Cause of Death: What Happened To Alloura Wells? Biography

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The circumstances surrounding the disappearance and subsequent death of Alloura Wells in 2017 have been the subject of significant criticism directed towards the Toronto Police in Canada. The second half of the episode of “Still a Mystery: Danger at Close Range” that is aired on Investigation Discovery focuses on Alloura’s early life and the events that led up to her disappearance for no apparent reason. The show also follows the response of the authorities after the missing person report was filed for her.

Alloura Wells Biography

Alloura Wells, also known as Alloura Hennessy and Alloura Wheeler, was a transgender woman of mixed race who resided in Canada. She passed away in the city of Toronto in June of 2017. The following month, her body was found in a ravine; however, she was not reported missing until 6 November 2017, and her highly decomposed body was not identified until 23 November. Her body had been in the gully for the previous month.

The death of Wells attracted attention to a disenfranchised community and sparked criticism against the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and The 519 community centre over their misuse of information. Wells’s death also brought attention to a community that had previously been ignored. Both businesses decided to conduct reviews, both internally and externally, about their policies in response to allegations of discrimination against transgender people. A specialized missing-persons unit was established by the Toronto Police Service in response to this investigation and a string of other cases involving people who went missing in the Church and Wellesley neighborhood, which is known as Toronto’s gay village.

How Did Alloura Wells Die?

Alloura revealed her true gender to her family when she was 18 years old, despite the fact that she had been born a male. She was the third of four children, and throughout her childhood, she was known to be a reserved but affable individual. Early in Alloura’s life, her family struggled to make ends meet, and this led her to run away from home frequently, sometimes leaving for several weeks or months at a time. The man, who was 27 years old at the time of the occurrence, had been living on the streets in Rosedale Lavine, which is located in Ontario, Canada.

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Facebook was the primary means by which Alloura maintained relationships with her relatives. As a result, as she stopped making updates to her account at the end of July 2017, they started to become concerned. But it wasn’t until November of 2017 that Alloura’s disappearance was reported to authorities. Her body was discovered on August 5, 2017, close to a road in Rosedale Valley in Ontario by two hikers. By that time, she had already passed away. The remains, which were highly decomposed, were discovered next to a tent, and there was drug paraphernalia and a pocketbook in the vicinity of the body.

Nevertheless, the identification of the bones did not take place until the latter half of November 2017. The autopsy revealed that the deceased suffered serious injuries not only at the moment of death but also in the months leading up to it. In the moments leading up to her passing, it’s possible that Alloura was the victim of blunt force trauma. The authorities were of the opinion that there was no evidence of criminal activity, and the medical examiner recorded that the cause of death was unknown.

What Happened To Alloura Wells?

Alloura had suffered terrible injuries, including two fractures to her spine that occurred around the time that she passed away immediately before to her passing. The months preceding up to the tragedy also saw another group of people get injuries in separate incidents. Alloura had fractures in three different bones: her ribs, her sternum, and her manubrium. It’s possible that blunt force trauma was the source of these injuries. In addition, the medical examiner stated that while though the reason for Alloura’s passing was still unknown, it was plausible that she was the victim of either a homicide or an accident.

The Facebook page of Alloura was last updated with new content on July 26, 2017. She had a rough go of things in the years leading up to that point. After Alloura’s mother passed away from cancer in February 2013, the young woman was eventually forced out of her residence and found herself living on the streets as a result. She stole from stores and communicated with other prostitutes in order to fund her sex profession, and she had previously served time in prison for both of these offenses.

In August of 2017, Alloura’s sister, Michelle Wheeler, reached out to Monica Forrester, a person who was familiar with Alloura and had a good relationship with her. In the beginning, they thought that Alloura was locked up somewhere, so Monica called the prison and asked for Wheeler, thinking it was Alloura’s surname. When she heard that the response was affirmative, Monica immediately suspected that it was Alloura. But the 27-year-old didn’t go by that surname. It wasn’t until November that the family learned about Alloura never being incarcerated.

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Then, Alloura’s father, Michael Wells, went to the authorities on November 4, 2017, but claimed he wasn’t taken seriously by the officer. Then, he had to go to a different police station and report her missing on November 6. The authorities eventually confirmed through DNA testing that the body found in August 2017 was Alloura’s. But when the body was found back then, the homicide unit was not called over, and the police didn’t issue a press release. Furthermore, the local community center that knew of the dead body didn’t publicize the information.

The authorities then learned of Augustinus Balesdent, a man who had been dating Alloura at the time and possibly the last person to have seen her alive. Loved ones stated that their relationship was abusive, and Alloura once complained that he hit her with a brick. Furthermore, both were heavy drug users. Augustinus had a prior criminal history and was accused of breaking into a housing unit and threatening a transgender woman. He had been charged with sexual assault but pled guilty to uttering a threat.

Augustinus told Alloura’s family that he had been in jail around the time she died, but records indicated that was false. The police considered him a person of interest, and despite being arrested in July 2019 and June 2020, he was not questioned by the police regarding Alloura’s case. An independent review of how the Toronto police force handled missing person cases revealed systemic discrimination. The report added that some officers were misinformed or had stereotypical ideas about the LGBTQ community.

Unidentified body

On August 5, 2017, a woman called Rebecca Price and a friend located the body of a deceased woman at Rosedale Ravine Lands Park, which is located in the middle of Toronto. She reported the incident to the Toronto Police Service (TPS), and officers from the 53rd Division and the coroner went to the scene to conduct an investigation. There was no identification on the body when it was discovered next to a tent that had drug paraphernalia. The dead person was discovered wearing women’s attire from head to toe, along with a blonde wig and a pocketbook; nonetheless, there were no signs of foul play elsewhere on the scene. Although the autopsy was unable to verify the woman’s race or the reason of her death, the coroner was able to determine that the woman had transitioned from male to female. The body had deteriorated significantly, and it was thought that the deceased had been in their grave for three to four weeks when it was discovered.

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In spite of the regular operating protocol, the TPS did not publish a press release when the body was discovered. Meaghan Gray, a spokesperson for the police department, stated that there were no details that could be shared, and that investigators were working to acquire additional information so that they could make an appeal to the general public for assistance in identifying the missing person.

Price had several conversations with a detective, but he eventually recognized that they were making very little headway. After hearing from the police that the woman was a transgender person, Price conducted an internet search for organizations that advocate for transgender people and made contact with The 519 Community Centre located at Church and Wellesley on August 17th. On August 25th, personnel from The 519 informed Price that an investigation would be conducted, and they would follow up with the police. However, it was later discovered that the staff had only read press releases issued by the police, and when they discovered that there was no mention of an unidentified body, they did not get in touch with the police or any other agency.

Around the middle of August, TPS disseminated a bulletin to the various other police departments. The Ontario Provincial Police notified the Toronto Police Service that a transgender person from Northern Ontario was missing; however, the age of the transgender person who went missing did not correspond with the age of the body that was found in Toronto. Another example from Alberta had a similar age range, but DNA testing determined that it was not the same person. Ngnews 247

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