Alfonso Iturralde Cause of Death: Biography, Age, Parents, Movies, Net Worth

Alfonso Iturralde Cause of Death, Biography, Age, Parents, Movies, Net Worth – Alfonso Iturralde is a Mexican actor who is known for La Culpa (1996). In this article, we will explore Alfonso Iturralde biography and career.

Alfonso Iturralde Biography

Alfonso Iturralde was 73 years old. He was born in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Born on October 10, 1948, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, he became a celebrated star on Televisa, showcasing his talent in renowned soap operas like “Marimar” and “Rebelde.”

Originally from Merida, Yucatan, he always demonstrated his great love for acting, so from an early age he prepared to start his career in film and television, finally being the TV soaps where he stayed the longest, with great roles and complex characters.

His parents are Pablo Iturralde Ponce Married to; Maria Dolores Polit.

His siblings are M Alfonso Iturralde; F Paula Maria Iturra

Alfonso Iturralde Career

Rosalba Brambila Alexander, a Mexican actress, gained recognition primarily for her association as the first wife of the esteemed actor Alfonso Iturralde.

Commencing her career at a young age, she made her mark in the entertainment industry, leaving behind a legacy somewhat overshadowed by her former husband’s fame.

Following his passing, Rosalba Brambila Alexander recently visited her Facebook account to bid him farewell.

She shared her grief and expressed sadness over his demise in a poignant message.

As a tribute to the life they built together, she posted a touching photo of their family, offering a glimpse into their shared journey.

While her Facebook post captured the attention of admirers and fans, it underscores the reality that Rosalba Brambila Alexander’s career and personal life have not received the same public attention as her ex-husband’s.

Often, when individuals are closely associated with well-known figures, their accomplishments and experiences can become overshadowed by the limelight cast upon their partners.

As the entertainment world mourns the loss of Alfonso Iturralde, it is a poignant reminder of the diverse stories behind every public figure.

Her connection to the late actor will forever be part of their shared history, and her expression of grief on social media is a poignant tribute to a life they once built together.

Survived by his wife, Ana Patricia Rojo, and his son, Alejandro Iturralde, his legacy extends to his family, who cherishes the memories of his impactful career and cherished moments shared.

During his career, he was part of great movies and TV soaps next to the television, In addition to being a guest in productions such as ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, ‘As the saying goes’, ‘Woman, real-life cases’, ‘Under the same roof’ and ‘Video theaters’.

He shared with the cast of ‘La Desalmada’ (2021) during his last participation in the TV soaps, the production quickly became one of the most popular on television, so it was a great closure for his career in Televisa.

Playing the role of Alberto Isubaki, the story managed to climb to the top ratings, with Livia Brito and José Ron as protagonists, so viewers were always excited to learn about the next step in the story.

Colleagues, friends and fans have shared emotional messages on social networks to fire the actor from TV soaps who will always be remembered for his great charisma in each of the recordings in Televisa RIP

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Venturing into the cinema along with films such as ‘Carita de primavera’ (1977), ‘Burlesque’ (1980), ‘El gato con gatas’ (1992), among others, the famous man received great praise during his career.

Alfonso Iturralde Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $9 Million.

What is Alfonso Iturralde Cause of death?

The National Association of Interpreters of Mexico (ANDI Mexico). He was the one who confirmed the news and regretted the death.

“With an extensive career in film, theater and television, remembered for his participation in soap operas such as ‘Rebelde’, ‘La fuerza del Destino and ‘Marimar’”, says the publication on Twitter.

Despite reports about his health issues, no official confirmation has been made.

As the entertainment world mourns the loss of this talented actor, Iturralde’s legacy will endure through the cherished memories of his remarkable performances on screen and stage.

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