Airtel Family and Friends Code – 2020

Airtel Family and Friends Code. To add a number to airtel faf list, dial*311*2*number# which is the registration code.

You can either refer to FAF as Airtel Family and Friends or call it Friends and Family. It is a feature available to all airtel prepaid customers that allows them to call numbers that have been added to the list at a much cheaper rate. Most people however don’t know the 2019 new airtel friends and family ussd code, hence this article.

Since the point airtel faf is to discount you on call rate for certain set of numbers. It make sense that they recommend you only add numbers you frequently call to airtel friends and family list. Most people add their parents, children, siblings and best friends number.


What this translate to is that you get more talk time when you call numbers on airtel faf list than every other numbers.

To those asking how to migrate to family and friends, you don’t need migration what you need is to register or add the number of your choice to the list as explained below.

Airtel Family and Friends Code

To add a number to airtel faf list, dial *311*2*number# which is the registration code. Let’s say the airtel number you want to enjoy call discount on is 08121936220, dial *311*2*08121936220#. You will receive a pop up message telling you the number has been successfully added. You can only add five numbers at a time.

How to Delete or Remove Numbers from the List

Since their is a limit to how many numbers you can add to the list, you might sometimes need manage the list. To remove any number, just dial *311*3*number#.

Airtel Faf Code to Check Numbers on Your List

To check the airtel numbers currently added as your friends and family, dial *311*4#.

Airtel Family and Friend Call Rates

The call rate varies depending on the time of the day. Between 6AM to 10PM, any call placed to your faf numbers attracts a charge of 25 Kobo per Second while from 10PM to 6AM, the call rate is 21 Kobo/Sec. However, if you are calling using the smartconnect bonus, the call rate is 40 Kobo per second (24 Naira per minute) irrespective of when you make the call.

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