51 Vitamins For Newly Admitted Students Of Universities and Polytechnics

I’m so happy for you if you’re a newly admitted student. From the dept of my kidney, I’m sorry, my heart.

On the other hand, if your admission status is “in-between admitted” and is soon to be admitted or not yet admitted, I wish you all the best in the admission process for this year. Don’t worry, you’ll be admitted soon.

How do you feel like an admitted student? After all wishes, prayers and night without sleep. I know you’re feeling well. Once again, congratulations.

Any error in 100 Level will always be regretted in the last year. It is not easy to forget those made in 200L. If you do what other newly admitted students have done, you end up the same way they ended. Every student’s regret is either due to what he / she has done in 100L or has refused to do.

Do what you need to do now, don’t wait. In fact, the latter isn’t coming. Even when it comes, you’d miss it already.

I have 51 strategically packed vitamins to mentally position you for the university or polytechnic race.


  1. Your dream course may not be given to you, dream in your given course.
  2. Recognize that you need help as a newly admitted student.
  3. Trust yourself.
  4. Early detect your weakness and start working on yourself.
  5. Don’t hurry to make friends. As a newly admitted student, this is one of the biggest decisions you will make. So, with your eyes open, choose friends.
  6. Make sure you’re the best.
  7. Ask questions about the school in which you are admitted.
  8. Don’t be a pleasant
  9. Align your objectives and ambition.
  10. That’s right. Start setting targets.
  11. Don’t let anyone tell you you you can’t go through the course.
  12. You can be in first class. Don’t be disappointed by senior students.
  13. If I can be in first class, you shouldn’t stop anything. It’s very easy to do.
  14. In your study, be consistent.
  15. Take early risks
  16. Search for a mentor.
  17. Don’t gossip professors.
  18. Don’t surrender to hard work.
  19. That’s it. To start a relationship is too early. Give it a little time.
  20. Avoid contrary sex distractions.
  21. Before you start preparing, the tests should not be close
  22. Aim to be the best in your class, even as a newly admitted student.
  23. That’s what I mean. Live offline life. Don’t be too dependent on social networking.
  24. Every day, learn something new.
  25. Always take classes.
  26. Ask your class questions.
  27. Focus your energy on what makes your life’s desired result.
  28. Improve your mind and brain every day.
  29. Don’t just study for examinations, study to understand life.
  30. Have a good habit of reading.
  31. Don’t deceive your parents. For their money, be a good value.
  32. Avoid distractions from older students.
  33. Avoid people with the same weakness.
  34. Prepare and follow the study time table sequentially.
  35. Don’t use a reading pattern in high school. Improve!
  36. Motivate yourself if no one motivates you.
  37. To blame people is too early. Stay concentrated.
  38. Don’t be too busy with religious activity.
  39. Listen to the class actively.
  40. Critically think
  41. The goal is to understand.
  42. Write down your objectives.
  43. Exercise discipline.
  44. Your parents may not be there, you won’t be guaranteed to be wrong.
  45. Don’t hang around in ungodly hours with the opposite sex.
  46. Learn by trial and mistake.
  47. Concentrate on quality.
  48. Read books of inspiration and motivation
  49. Edit your time.
  50. Visit Naijaparry always for updates.
  51. You’re responsible for your failure alone.

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