Actress Kemi Afolabi says she has five years to live

Nollywood actress, Kemi Afolabi in an interview session with media personality, Chude Jideonwo revealed that her doctor has predicted that she only has five years left to live.

Speaking during #WithChude session, Kemi Afolabi who revealed earlier in the year that she was diagnosed with lupus in 2021 stated that she has lived one year out of the five remaining years.


Afolabi mentioned that she had spent so much money already to manage the illness as it can’t be cured.

The Yoruba actress specifically mentioned that she has spent over N1.2 million on treatment, however, she is not recuperating.

She quoted her doctor as saying, “Make sure you are with your loved ones. At least, you still have up to five years.”

Talking about the sickness, she said, “I have lupus. It’s not curable. You just have to take medications for the rest of your life.”

She disclosed that she is continually in pain and currently living through the final phase of her life.

Watch her speak below.

Lupus meaning

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. It has no cure but can only be managed.


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