Access Bank Code For Loan, BVN, Check Balance, Repayment

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Access USSD Code: Access Bank Plc is a Nigerian commercial bank that is part of Access bank group – a financial conglomerate with a presence in over 6 African countries and the UK. Access Bank is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Access bank USSD code allows you to connect with your access bank account are perform different types of transactions. You can use access bank code to check for your account balance, check for BVN, get a loan, buy airtime or recharge another person’s phone, check for your account number, transfer money, and open a bank account.

The Access Bank Code is *901# for any Access Bank customer who wants to perform transactions on their bank account without using internet or a mobile app. You can use *901# to recharge your phone or buy airtime for your family and friends. Access bank’s *901# ussd code is a very versatile tool for using your access bank account and we will explain the different ways you can use the access bank code for different things.

Access Bank Code For Account Opening

You don’t have to fill a form and end up waiting in a queue to open an access bank account in one of its branches. You can open an account using your mobile phone. It is a zero account, so you don’t need a minimum balance.

To open an account with an access bank, follow these steps

  • Dial *901# on the number you want connected to the account
  • Next you will be required to input your personal details like name and surname, address, etc.). You can also add your BVN if you have one.
  • Access Bank will send you an SMS notification with your account details

Code to Check Account Balance in access bank

It is important to note that if you want to use the Access bank code to check your account balance then you’ve to use the phone number linked to your access bank account.

Code to view the account balance in access bank

The Access bank code for checking your account balance is *901*5#. Once you dial the USSD code you’ll receive an SMS with your access bank account balance.

Any time you check your account balance with the Access bank code, N10 will be deducted from your account.

Code For Loan In Access Bank

The access bank code for getting a loan is *901*11*1#. After you dial this access bank code for a loan just follow the instructions. The other ways to get an Access bank loan are Access bank Internet banking, Access bank’s Mobile app and the Quick Bucks App

Access Bank Code To Buy Airtime & Recharge For Third Party

The Access bank code to buy airtime for your number is *901*amount#. e.g *901*500#. Dont forget to use this access bank code on the phone number you used to open your Access Bank Account.

The access bank code for buying airtime or recharging for others is *901*Amount*Phone Number#. e.g *901*500*07047645571#

There are no extra charges when you use the Access bank code to buy airtime or recharge.

Access Bank Code For Account  Number

If you’re like me who doesn’t bother to store their account number in their head. Using the access bank code to check your account number is an easy way to find out your phone number if you need it urgently.

The access bank code for checking your account number is *901*4*4*3*. Dial it then enter the last 6 digits of the ATM card linked to the account. If that doesn’t work then follow these steps to get your account number:

  • Dial *901# on the number linked to your Access bank account.
  • Select 4 – Other services
  • Next, select 4 – Enquiry Services
  • Next, enter 3 – Account number Enquiry.
  • Next you’ll be asked to enter your ATM card number.
  • Input the last 6 digits of your ATM card number and press send and your Access bank account number will be displayed.

Code To Transfer Money From Access Bank

The Access bank code to transfer money from your bank account to another access bank account is *901*1*AMOUNT*Account number#.

The Access bank code to transfer money from your access bank account to another bank account is *901*2*Amount*Account number#.

Access Bank Code For BVN

The Access bank code for checking your BVN (Bank Verification Number) is *565*0#. This is the only used code you’ll need to check your BVN on your access bank account.

Access Bank Code To Block Atm Card

The access bank code to block your atm is  *901*11#. You can block the atm card from any phone number.

However, you will need to provide the phone number you used in registering for your access bank account and your PIN number.

Code to pay for  DSTV& PHCN in Access bank

Follow these steps to pay for DSTV using access bank code:

  • Dial *903# which is the access bank code to pay for a bill
  • Then enter “3” for “Bill Payment” option.
  • Next Enter the “2” to pay for DSTV and “3” to pay for PHCN

What else do you want to use the Access bank USSD code for? We might just add it to this guide.

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