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The well-liked Netflix series Bling Empire depicts the Los Angeles-based lifestyles of young, affluent Asian Americans.

Kevin Kreider, a lifestyle blogger of Korean descent, was raised in Pennsylvania after being adopted by white parents. He was the only cast member who did not grow up in a privileged household like the others.


While the rest of the cast celebrates, shops, and sorts out their interpersonal relationships, Kevin’s stories center on his ancestry. He and the fans of “Bling Empire” learned more about his adoption procedure in Season 1 as they looked deeper into his past.

Kevin Kreider

Name: Kevin Kreider
Age: 39 years
Date of Birth: 21 August 1983
Nationality: American
Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Wife: Devon Diep (Ex)
Profession: Actor
Net Worth: $10 million

Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider is an Actor, Speaker and Founder and CEO of Sans by Taejin Beverage Inc and Taejin Entertainment LLC. Starting off in the fitness industry, he was signed with one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in NYC. He left Philly in 2008 to navigate his way in entertainment as a Korean American adoptee. In 2014, the stress and non-stop nature of the modeling industry took a toll on his body and Kevin was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. He took a few years off, got sober in 2015, and took a leap of faith by moving to Los Angeles. There he was offered a role in Netflix’s international hit, “Bling Empire”, the first all Asian and Asian American reality show.


Kevin Kreider Early Life

In an interview with The Independent, Kreider revealed that he had always viewed making more than $100,000 as a mark of success after growing up in a middle-class Philadelphia family.

After 14 years of failure after failure, the reality star insisted, a sense of steadiness had formed. When Kreider was a personal trainer in Philadelphia, he placed an excessive amount of value on growing physically, which had an adverse effect on his mental health.

After living in Philadelphia for a while, he left his clients behind and relocated to New York. Kreider later entered the modeling industry after being motivated by people like Ford model Daniel Liu and Godfrey Gao, known as the first Asian male supermodel in the world.

Kreider racked up credit card debt of over $26,000 USD. He started prioritizing his mental health and well-being at this time after experiencing stress-related hair loss.

In 2012, when he landed his first large commercial and paid off his whole US$5,000 (S$6,600) payment, he made some headway toward paying off his debt. He was able to pay it off in 2014 after working on the sum for a year and eventually had to return to Philadelphia.


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Kevin Kreider Parents

While Kevin Kreider’s biological parents are from Korea, his adopted parents are Americans. His father, Mark Kreider, served as president of Manheim Imports and managing partner of Auction Management.

He has posted a number of photos to his Instagram account of both himself and his mum.

According to Kevin in the episode, he was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a young child after being adopted by a white family.

Apart than that, Kevin doesn’t know much about his parents. In Bling Empire, he performs a DNA test and learns that he was born in Seoul and has Korean and Japanese ancestors.

He also learns that his birth parents abandoned him and that his grandfather adopted him. And, he has a brother named Luke Kreider, and Kevin claims that Luke could not have wished for a more loving family.

He resided in Philadelphia with his adoptive family up to the time he moved to Los Angeles in his 20s to pursue a modeling career. Kreider was born on August 21, 1983, and is currently 38 years old. Actually, we saw him celebrate his 36th birthday while Bling Empire was being filmed in 2019.

Later, Kevin’s curiosity in his ancestry led him to regression therapy, where he used memories of emotions from his early years to see if he could remember his biological parents.

As a result of the session, Kevin recalled his travel from South Korea to the United States and a birthday he had with his birth family. Kevin’s emotions erupted as the therapist questioned him about his capacity to remember his soul’s emotions as his birth mother prepared to give birth to him.

As he recalled his mother’s thoughts of having no children and her anxiety of becoming pregnant, he suffered a serious breakdown. Even though he did not learn anything about his birth parents, he was able to find closure.

Kevin Kreider Career

Kevin currently serves as the CEO of his own business. He spends a significant amount of his time building his brand, professional network, and company as the CEO of Taejin Entertainment LLC. He is happy with his job and his life in general.

Kevin also established Be More Matcha and grew his company. The business markets its matcha pills as the top way to get more natural energy.

Additionally, Kevin’s fans will be happy to hear that he has been really cast in the upcoming movie Asian Persuasion.

A chef who attempts to marry off his ex-wife to avoid paying alimony is the main character of the movie, which is being directed by Grammy and three-time Tony Award winner Jhett Tolentino, according to Variety. Kevin will show off his humorous side because the movie is a romantic comedy.

He wants to dedicate his life to helping people away from the camera. Also, he cares about making sure that people can focus entirely on their own growth and wellbeing. He helps them in every area of their lives, from physical activity to general health to everything in between.

Kevin Kreider Bling Empire

He is 37, makes his television debut in “Bling Empire” season one. Kevin has won over viewers’ hearts with his affable personality and irresistible charm. He is undoubtedly the most approachable cast member of “Bling Empire.”

The Philadelphia native is the only cast member who doesn’t fit in with his co-stars’ gorgeous and star-studded surroundings. Kevin consistently adds a human touch to the otherwise laughably false show.

The audience can project themselves into the show through the model, becoming enthralled anytime one of his co-stars flaunts their ridiculously expensive wealth.

Kevin stood out from his castmates, who throughout the season were often focused with the glitz and glamour of everyday life, by displaying a level of compassion.

His involvement brought a human touch to the otherwise outrageously frivolous program, whether it was supporting Kelly Mi Li as she suffered in her relationship with Andrew or connecting with Kim Lee over their domestic troubles and helping her identify her biological father.

Kevin Kreider Girlfriend, Personal Life

Kim Lee and Kevin became closer romantically during the show, however this did not mean that Kim was Kevin’s girlfriend.

Despite having affections for one another that went beyond just being Kevin’s girlfriend, Kevin and Kim decided against getting engaged.

Even after Love on the Spectrum is over, Kevin and Kim are still friends. They follow each other on Instagram and comment on each other’s postings.

Kevin seems less interested in talking about his present relationship and girlfriend than he does in his profession. Inferring that he is not involved in a love relationship from this,

On the other hand, it’s possible that Kevin is hunting for his ideal companion and will do so soon in order to spend quality time with someone.

Is Kevin Kreider Adopted? In the first season of ‘Bling Empire,’ Kevin revealed that he was born in Seoul, South Korea, but that he went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when he was a little child because he had been adopted by a White family. However, the star claimed that was all he knew about his past and where he came from. The famous actor had no idea who his biological parents were or what circumstances led to him being adopted. Kevin submitted his DNA to be analysed on the show in order to verify his lineage. The results revealed that he was, in fact, born in Seoul, South Korea, and that he descended from both Koreans and Japanese. He also found out that his parents had given him to his grandfather, and that his grandfather had then placed him for adoption.

Who Are Kevin Kreider’s Parents? Kevin was three years old when he was adopted by a family of German and Irish descent. His biological parents are Mark Kreider and Theresa Adams, and he was adopted by them. Kevin claims that his brother, who goes by the name Luke Kreider, couldn’t have landed in a more supportive family anywhere else in the world. Following his adoption, Kevin relocated to Philadelphia with his new family, where he remained until his early twenties, when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modelling. You can see the star in Season 3 of ‘Bling Empire,’ in which he deals with romance, drama, and friendship along with some of the wealthiest Asian-Americans in Los Angeles.

Did Kelly and Kevin get together? Kevin Kreider, Kelly’s co-star, made it plain that he had feelings for her, but Kelly was still too committed to her relationship with Andrew to pursue Kevin further.


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For the first season, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 90% based on 10 Kevin and Janice From Bling Empire: Are They Still Together?

Reviews with an average rating of 6.7/10. The website’s critics consensus reads, “Bling Empire may be another celebration of lavish wealth, but the focus on an Asian American cast gives this reality program an intriguing layer of cultural celebration.”

Diane Gordon of TV Guide thought the television series was more than the “grotesque opulence” that it depicted, with compelling characters among the cast, some of whom were exploring their identity. Eilidh Hargreaves of The Telegraph found the “epic rivalries”, “ridiculous” problems, wild whims, “self-serving” philosophy of the main characters to be compulsive viewing and “deliciously odious to observe”.

Kevin Kreider Net Worth

How Much Money Does Kevin Kreider From Bling Empire Have? Kevin Kreider has an estimated net worth of $10 million, according to Lifestyle Asia.

Kevin challenged this idea in an exclusive interview with E News. It doesn’t seem likely that a multi-millionaire would claim to have shared an apartment with housemates for merely $1,000 a month, even though we were unable to get more accurate information on his net worth.

His income has been greatly influenced by large brand deals and modeling. He has appeared in print advertisements for Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness as well as Gillette and Peloton. He also works as a lifestyle and nutrition coach.

In addition to being a social media influencer, he is a motivational speaker. He became well-known after delivering a TED Talk in 2018 with the title “Redefining Asian Masculinity.” He talks about how he was made fun of for having an Asian origin and a skinny frame.

Also, he works as a model, appearing in ads for companies like Peloton and Gillette as well as magazines like Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness.

He has also made appearances in a number of TV shows, including “Dating After College” and the documentary “The Ugly Model.” And, he was the first Asian-American to greet customers at the Abercrombie and Fitch store in New York City.

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