9 Ways to Help Yourself Deal with Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression (PND) is a condition that occurs in at least one out of every seven new mothers. This can, however, be overlooked or ignored and despite medications are available, you can also help yourself.

Postnatal depression (PND) can be caused by a lot of things that mothers face after the birth of their babies, these causes vary from the baby’s frequent crying to breastfeeding, house chores and other stressful activities.

A new mother can help herself come out of this condition without any medication or treatment, here are ways she can do so:

1. Speak Out : bottling up your feelings inside you without expressing them can be very dangerous, this is why you should discuss how you feel with the people close to you like your husband, family members and friends.

2. Stop the Blame Game : you may have someone to accuse of placing you in this condition and this can even start from your husband to friends, family that did not lend a hand of help and so on. You must stop this as it will not help in getting you better.

3. Take a walk : new moms are used to staying indoors for a long time especially throughout the day. This, in a way increases the rate of your depression, so, take a walk out and enjoy fresh air for a while, see beautiful things before going back home.

4. Accept Help offers : you must not feel you can do everything on your own, if there is an offer of help, please take it and relieve yourself of excessive stress.

5. Be more social: you can also deal with this depression by becoming more social, meet friends, talk, chat, make use of social media. Just enjoy and get some fun, it really helps.

6. Rest well: don’t get yourself all worked up, try to get some rest, when the baby is asleep, you too try to sleep and rest. Your rest becomes complete when you take a lot of things off your mind.

7. Do what you love : depression can be gotten rid of when you engage yourself with doing things you enjoy like baking, crafts, singing, skipping, swimming and so many other things.

8. Eat well: eating good, healthy and balanced diet can also be very helpful when dealing with Postnatal Depression. So, stop eating unhealthy foods like junks as they can make you become more depressed.

9. Meet other Mothers : you can also meet with other mothers like yourself to share your experience and you may be surprised that your situation may not be as bad as that when you listen to other mothers’ experiences.

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