9 Signs He’s Not Husband Material (FOR LADIES)

9 Signs He’s Not Husband Material

It is a common thing for people to look for a wife materia, leaving out the fact that a man must also have some inherent virtues before he can be called a husband material.

Check out the things you need to look for as a lady to know if he isn’t a husband material

1. He doesn’t believe in your vision : there is nothing you are doing with a guy that doesn’t share your vision. What should keep you and any man together must be the fact that your visions align. Anything outside this will be a disaster in marriage because eventually he will frustrate you and you will not amount to anything good in life.

2. He doesn’t want anybody around you: any guy that hates seeing people around you, he chases away your friend and even complains whenever you are having time with your siblings is not a husband material. He can destroy your life and his plans towards you are not pure.

3. He lies and cheats: a man you are not married to but delights in cheating on you and he finds pleasure in lying at every given opportunity will not be a good husband, run for your dear life.

4. He is proud: pride is a destroyer, it destroys the proud and the people that have anything to do with him. He will only seek things that please him and so you are left alone.

5. You Parents, Pastor and Mentor don’t approve him: as much as you might think you are in love and nothing matters outside that, you might need to pay attention to this especially when he is facing opposition from almost everybody that matters in your life. The truth is they might be wrong and they might as well be right, so, watch it carefully and prayerfully before you go on with the relationship

6. He is domineering: a domineering fellow will choke the life out of you and they render you redundant. He wants to dictate how you live your life, he is always right, he doesn’t make mistake, he finds it difficult to say sorry, and he wants you to always obey his words even when they are wrong. An authoritarian is not somebody you need in your life. Remember you are choosing a father for your children and he will treat them the same way.

7. He thinks he is doing you a favour: any guy that either verbally or through actions shows he is doing you a favour by being in a relationship with you is not worth it. Such a person can murder your self-esteem

8. He treats you as an object: someone that doesn’t respect you, your opinion and what you stand for will be a bad idea for you.

9. He doesn’t love you: love is critical to any human relationship let alone that of someone you are planning to marry if he has ever said or acted as if he doesn’t love you, you might want to consider quitting that relationship.

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