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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Condoms

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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Condoms

Condoms are necessary for avoiding STIs and unintended pregnancies, but if used wrongly, they are worthless.

The nine most common condom blunders made by males are listed below.

1. According to the Healthine . Many men make the mistake of not wearing condoms during s£x. Before using a condom, STIs can be spread through genital touch. As a result, immediately begin using a condom and keep it on until you’re through.

2. Men may make the mistake of using an inadequately lubricated condom. Condoms may tear if they are used without the correct lubricant. Latex can be broken down by lubricants like coconut oil, lotions, massage oils, and petroleum jelly. Use water-based lubricants instead.

3. Most men also make the mistake of using condoms that have expired. Check the expiration date on a condom before using it because its effectiveness lowers after it has expired.

4. Males frequently make the mistake of not using condoms until they are completely dry. Before you use a condom, make sure you’re really hard down there.

5. When using condoms, men also make the mistake of not leaving enough room at the condom’s tip. When wearing a condom, always leave a small gap at the end of the s£x toe.

6. When using condoms, most guys do not wrap them all the way to the base of the pen*s. Keep condoms rolled to the base of the pen*s while putting them on and taking them off.

7. The vast majority of guys feel they know how to choose the right condom size, which is a tremendous mistake. Avoid condoms that don’t roll all the way to the bottom of the pen or are too tight. Larger condoms might help if you’re having problems.

8. If you have to use a condom, don’t do it too often. A new condom must be used for each sexual interaction.

9. Using two condoms at the same time is another classic condom error. If you use two condoms, you won’t have double protection. The condom is more prone to tear when two condoms are used.

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