75 Stupidly Simple Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You

1 . He tells you.
2 . He looks at you from across the room repetitively. Not once, not twice, yes three or more times.
3 . He introduces himself. He’s telling you his name because he wants to know yours.
4 . He remembers details if they involve you.

5 . He ends up in the same place as you at the same time when you told him where you were going.
6 . He notices when you change your hair.
7 . You hear him smell you when he gives you a hug.
8 . He tells you you’re pretty.
9 . He tells you he likes your smile.
10 . He compliments anything to do with your face.
11 . He smudges away the food you have sitting on your top lip when you’re eating like a slob.
12 . He kisses your cheek when you were only expecting a hug.
13 . He has a sudden interest in your interests even though he doesn’t really like the things you like.
14 . He hates every guy you’ve ever dated and continue to date.
15 . Every opportunity he has to touch you, he does.
16 . He actually calls you when he says he will.
17 . His friends ask what you think of him.
18 . He texts you tons of emojis
19 . He double texts you.
20 . He messages you ‘Hey cutie’ on Facebook.
21 . He likes all of your photos on instagram.
22 . He accidentally reveals that he’s been stalking you on social media (when he knows both your aunts’ names and the restaurant you ate at on both their birthdays.)
23 . He tags you in instagram posts that are inside jokes between the two of you.
24 . He tries to learn everything he can about you.
25 . He tries to meet your family, or if he already has he tries to be your mom and dad’s best friend.
26 . He creates art for you, or the art that he creates is inspired by you.
27 . He tells you you deserve better when a guy treats you like crap.
28 . He defends you, even if you’re wrong.
29 . He listens to the little things you think he’d never pay attention to or care about.
30 . He describes you as beautiful.
31 . He does the light arm touch or shoulder touch a lot.
32 . He cooks for you.
33 . He talks to his friends about you constantly.
34 . He remembers your birthday.
35 . He remembers your mom’s birthday.
36 . He steps out of his comfort zone for you.
37 . He tries to get you alone a lot.
38 . He loves to be alone with you.
39 . He gets nervous around you.
40 . He’s awkward around you.
41 . He knows all of your favorites (colors, holidays, sports teams, books, movies).
42 . He makes fun of you.
43 . He blows off other plans if you ask him to hangout.
44 . All of your friends tell you he likes you.
45 . He does things with you that he’d never do on his own (if he ‘doesn’t get’ poetry and goes to a poetry slam with you).
46 . He comments on what you’re wearing.
47 . He says he likes your style.
48 . He gets jealous when other guys hit on you.
49 . He takes you out to dinner, just you and him, and pays.
50 . He asks if he can come upstairs after he takes you out to dinner.
51 . He lets you crash on his couch overnight.
52 . He lets you stay in his bed overnight.
53 . He watches ALL of your stories on Snapchat
54 . He grabs your butt (even if you think it’s inappropriate).
55 . He tries to make you feel better if you’re upset.
56 . He tries to kiss you.
57 . He tells you, you smell nice when he gives you a hug.
58 . He says “I love you” in a ‘friendly.’
59 . He stretches you out after you exercise.
60 . He offers to give you a massage if you say you’re sore.
61 . He writes you long cards on your birthdays or holidays.
62 . He comes over to take care of you when you’re sick.
63 . He asks what you’re doing
every weekend.
64 . He tries to get you to go out when you really want to spend the night in. And if he can’t get you to go out, he’ll ask if he can stay in with you (“movie night?”).
65 . He tries to sound smart in front of you.
66 . He shows off how much money he has.
67 . He knows your zodiac sign (because he wanted to see if it matched with his).
68 . He knows your MBTI (because he wants to see if you’re compatible).
69 . He asks if you’re on birth control (just in case you two ever have sex).
70 . He buys you multiple shots.
71 . He invites you over to his place when he’s ‘having people over,’ and when it ends up being just you he says everyone else canceled.
72 . He has your favorite kind of alcohol when you come over.
73 . He tells you you’re sweet.
74 . He calls you ‘cute.’
75 . He says he thinks you’re amazing.

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