7 Important Things Your Daughter Must Know About Advances From The Opposite Sex

7 Important Things Your Daughter Must Know About Advances From The Opposite Sex

A lot of girls seem to be unaware of the kind of response they need to give when they get advances (sexual) from the opposite sex and this can be traced to the failure of parents in educating them.

A girl that is not properly trained and groomed about how to handle advances may end up falling victim to different kinds of evils happening in our society today.

The first thing all parents must know is that they should begin to train their daughters about this issue as soon as she can express herself and understand what she is hearing (Toddler) because the world is dangerous and many are out there ready to destroy young ones that are innocent.

These are the truths you must tell your daughter if you desire to keep her safe.

  • You are beautiful

Women, girls are thrilled by what they hear and this is why men use words to deceive a lot of them. As a parent, you must be the first to tell your daughter she is beautiful before she starts looking for it out there.

I was listening to a radio program and the counselor speaking said someone told his little daughter in the church that her hair was beautiful and her reply was “Daddy already told me that.”

  • You must keep yourself

Your daughter must be informed about the importance of keeping herself from sexual advances. It is the duty of parents to educate their daughters about the many dangers involved in sex outside marriage.

  • Value yourself

The reason most girls/ladies end up falling victim of guys that took advantage of them is low self-esteem. Some do not see themselves as beautiful or important.

A parent should help his daughter realize her importance and also how she should place great value on herself. When a girl/lady values herself, she will not fall for anything less than her standard.

  • Your Virginity is important

In the world we are today, a girl’s virginity has been taken to be a thing of no importance or value but as a parent, you should let your daughter know that her virginity is important and that there are still women out there who are keeping theirs too.

A mother who lost her virginity before marriage should not be ashamed to use herself as an example of what it cost a woman to lose her virginity before she is married.

  • Accepting Advances can be dangerous

A girl who is young and naïve may be unaware of the dangers of accepting sexual advances from the opposite sex seeing it in view that the person loves her and wants to take care of her.

The responsibility lies with the parent to educate their daughter about the dangers that are involved in going into a relationship with a guy as a young girl. Some of the dangers include distraction from studies, kidnapping, rape, unwanted pregnancy, rituals, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and many more.

  • Preparation should come first

Every girl should know what comes first in her life before other things are included. We see in this world where 14, 15-year-old girls are going into relationships they are totally ignorant about.

Let your daughter know that the purpose of a relationship is marriage and before she will be ready for marriage, every other aspect of her life must have been in order including finding out her purpose, academics, finance and so on.

  • You are the most important

Some women are living their whole lives fulfilling the desires of men that became their priority despite not being their husbands. Your daughter needs to know that she must look after herself first before any other person.

You should educate your daughter that when she becomes great in life then she will be able to add value to those around her and especially her husband but she must make herself the first of her priorities.

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