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7 Common Things You Should Never Have In Your Bedroom, According To Experts

Do not turn your bedroom into a place where other activities are carried out which is quite unhealthy.

Due to the ever-busy schedule of humans, people tend to turn the bedroom into a place where other activities are carried out which is quite unhealthy.

A bedroom is mainly a place where people sleep or relax after having a long day.

Things You Should Never Have In Your Bedroom

These are things that you should get rid of in your room as soon as possible:

#1. Food

Having your meal or eating edibles on the bed is very dirty because you will most likely not wash your hands after the meal and also not wash your sheets if something spills on them.

Eating in bed is most times associated with another activity like watching tv or reading, this might lead to overeating and puts you at risk of indigestion.

Leaving dirty dishes in the room as well attract pests.

#2. Television

Just like mobile phones, installing a television set in your bedroom is quite a huge distraction. It can completely deprive you of sleep.

One problem with bedtime Tv watching is simply the temptation to stay up late to find out what happens next.

#3. Cell phone

This shouldn’t be found in your bedroom to get as much comfort as possible. The incessant vibration and ringing of phones as well as the ever-present social media distractions are harmful to your health.

The blue light emission from cell phones can disturb melatonin production, thereby causing poor sleep patterns.

#4. Desk

The bedroom should be mainly for you to get rest so there should be no association of work with your place of rest.


You can create a space in your living room or corridor to carry out your office work.

#5. Pets

Pets generally mess up the room if they are not well trained yet and this may lead to germs, fleas, etc.

If you really have to sleep close to your pet to have a feeling of safety, love and companionship, you can make another bed for the pet metres away from your bed to curb interruption of your lovely sleep.

#6. Old and low-quality mattresses and pillows

Uncomfortable mattresses always ruin a good sleep so if you haven’t changed yours in more than 10 years, you need to go spend that money now.

Also, there are different pillows for different sleeping patterns of people, so it is advisable to buy pillows that go with your sleeping style to give you an enjoyable rest.

#7. Very bright colour

Painting your bedroom walls with very bright colours would not give you the best environment to relax.

According to a study, shades of blue, yellow, silver, green, and orange are the most conducive for relaxation while brown, grey and purple-painted rooms are the worst.

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