6 Ways to Make Easy Cash On Facebook As A Student

So you have been on Facebook for years but haven’t made a dime? Do you own a Facebook group but don’t know how to make money? Do you run an active page but are interested to know the ways to make money on Facebook?

Look no further as we seek to reveal to you today some of the best ways by which you can start making money online on Facebook.

Are you ready to learn top 6 ways on how you can make money on Facebook? But before that lets take a quick look at some statistics that can help us understand this money making opportunity better.

Facebook is no doubt one of the leading social media big boys and yet it is still growing so fast that even Barry Allen (the flash) wouldn’t stand a chance. You will be shocked to know that Facebook currently enjoys over 750,000,000 users with half of them being regular users who visit FB 2-3 times a week.

Isn’t that mind blowing? Do you not think you should take advantage of 750,000,000 active FB users? It wouldn’t be a bad thing to relax and just make some money now. Would it?

Another interesting fact is that Facebook generated over $2,000,000,000 (billions) in the year 2010 and has generated more than that in the year 2018. With Facebook PPC, marketers have earned over billions.

Now that we have known a few interesting facts about Facebook. Let us now examine some of the hottest top 6 ways about how to make money on Facebook :

1. Make money on Facebook with advertising

If you visit blogs on a regular basis, you wouldn’t be surprised to see some advertisement coming up. You too can do this. In fact one of the easiest and fastest way of targeting customer and make some dough is through showing advertisement on Facebook.

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If you have your own products, goods and services to sell, it’s even better. I see no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this money making opportunity by showing ads on Facebook.

This is perhaps the best way to make residual income especially when you are popular among your Facebook network, own and control a big audience. You can easily setup ads using Chitika, AdSense and other PPC advertising companies.

A good number of affiliate marketers make good income through Facebook advertising. You can look up some Facebook apps that will help you in this.

2. Make money on Facebook with Fan Page

Facebook fan page is another great money making chance that can be mined. It primary purpose is to make celebrities, business or individuals closer to their fans or customers. To make money with your page, you need to make sure it is popular and then sell your product, goods or service to the people who visit and comment on your page.


You can easily create a few fan pages on Facebook with your blog, website or sales page link; this will direct visitors and readers to your blog or website and thus increase your chance of turning prospective customers into actual loyal customer. This will help you earn money on your Facebook fan page.

Additionally, you might choose to use a custom opt-in page where you capture your visitors and fans email details which you can be later on:

  1. Sell
  2. Use to send emails and build relationship.
  3. Advertise other peoples goods and services for a fee
  4. Or market your goods and services.

To keep your pages active, you need to post updates on wall of your FB fan page so your fans can see, comment, like and share your posts with others.

Lastly, every activity carried out on your blog will appear on your fan’s page as news feed which will again be viewed by their friends and fans and In turn increase readership and reach. You will record jaw breaking results in your sales after promoting your business with Facebook fan page.

3. Make money with Facebook application

There have been rise in trend in the application industry; this rise has recorded an increased number over the last few months. Creation of apps for mobile or desktop and has been and will continue to be one of the top money making online business. Facebook applications are super handy tools that offers free platform to small programs and applications which are promoted through Facebook to enhance user experience.

If you are a lover of tech then you can promote your skill by creating Facebook applications of your own, sell it to Facebook users and channel them to direct smooth traffic to your website.

If you are not tech savvy, you can still earn cash online by purchasing apps such as quizzes, guides, and games from online stores and make use of it to maximize your purchases. You can earn additional income through Facebook by putting ads in application. This is yet another passive idea to make money through users of your application.

4. Make money with Facebook e-Book

With such a huge of Facebook users, there are no limits to how much cash you can make with Facebook. You do not need to be tech savvy to make money real good on Facebook. It is very easy to get started; easy as “abc”.


Apart from FB basics, they offer a wide range of inbuilt applications to their users. This makes it quite difficult for a lot of users to know and understand each one of them. This is where you come in, you create an e-Book that contains Facebook knowhow and each of its applications, advantages to use them, how to use and lots more.

You can make money on FB by writing and promoting Facebook; it’s so simple that even a 3 year old can do it. Forget about spending cash as you need not have to spend a single penny to promote your e-book, you should simply use Facebook to promote this free of charge.

It’s better if you are a writer. You can easily monetize your writing skills through this platform.

5. Make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing

Earning on Facebook money through affiliate marketing requires a similar process as to the way you make cool cash on any other affiliate marketing program. What you simply do to get started is to:

  • register on any affiliate marketing network,
  • pick a product relevant to your Facebook audience and
  • You will be assigned an html code along with an embedded affiliate id
  • start promoting it on Facebook
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Want to know the best part?

Whenever a user clicks on that link and buys a service or product using your affiliate link, you will earn money in the form of commission. You can as well write small blog posts on each product you like and promote it in your network. With affiliate marketing , you can earn as much as $20,000.

6. Facebook Instant Articles

Lastly, we have “FB Instant Articles” which were built to solve a particular problem—slow loading times on the mobile web.

The good news about this is that this audience network pays its publishers an eCPM rate based on the countries and also the volume of traffic each publisher gets. In other words, it pays more than any other CPM network I’ve ever seen.

Want to know the most amazing part? You do not need to worry about any of your ad placements, whether you need use image or text banners, no worries about CTR% or clicks.


I mean, love to make money with Google AdSense, but this one makes it so simple and easy that I’m making money with so little effort. Google Ads is one of my favourite Ad Networks and the way I have my articles setup allows my visitors or readers who are not coming directly from Facebook to also see my strategically placed banners, which means that I am monetizing my content and traffic (killing two birds with a single stone, aye mate?).

There is no end to the number of ways to make some extra cash from FB, but discussed above are just some of the top 6 best ideas to make money on Facebook. To make more greens or discover new methods of goldmine you need to research, discover and plan a strategy find out more strategies that will help you to succeed in your making money online journey

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