6 Types Of Women You Should Totally Avoid

6 Types Of Women You Should Totally Avoid

Generally, Women loved to be pampered and taken care of but this must not has to be in extreme as they say too much of everything is not good.

Meanwhile check out below the 8 types of women you should totally avoid:


This kind of woman has great looks and even make other guys jealous of you but that’s the ending point about her.

This kind of woman has no brains and she does not even try to make any attempt to get knowledge.


This kind of woman usually thinks that the world revolves around her, she thinks she deserves everything you do for her. Even the love you have for her, she feels it is well deserved.

You should know that this kind of woman will always be ungrateful at the end of everything. You don’t need this kind of woman that will take you and your love for granted.


The fact still remains that everyone has one form of insecurity or another, but this kind of woman takes insecurity to a whole new level or lets say to the extreme lenght.

She is the type that will constantly be expecting comments from people to boost her confidence and to validate her self worth. She does not have self confidence or even believe in her own abilities.


If you treasure your mental health, you will never come close to this kind of woman.

She is the type that will always make a man a bit disorganised as she is always obsessed about everything being orderly.


To this kind of woman, money is everything. She believes your main role is to shower her with gifts and cash and as your only way of loving her.


This kind of woman plays on your emotions, not really committing herself to anything more than a casual relationship because her sights are still sets on other guys.

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