6 Most profitable business in Nigeria with zero capital 2024

Have you ever thought about starting a business but felt discouraged because there was no capital and the idea of taking loans seemed too risky.

There are businesses one can comfortably start without bothering about any financial cost and some can be done from the comfort of your home.


Most profitable business in Nigeria with zero capital

Ngnews247 will bring you six business ideas that you can start without any capital in Nigeria, and they are guaranteed to make you money.

Affiliate Marketing

People have probably heard about affiliate marketing once in their lives, but not many know what it is about or how to get into the business.

This is a good business one can start even if your bank account is empty. With Affiliate marketing, what you are doing is selling other people’s products to earn a commission from them.

International e-commerce brands like Amazon, Ali Express and Jumia have affiliate programs that you could sign up for and earn per each sale made through your unique link which would be created upon registration.

An alternative route to becoming an affiliate marketer is to help other people promote their products or courses on your social media pages (If you have a reasonable following) and for each unit of sales they make, you earn a small commission.


Another way to make money without spending money is tutoring. There are different types one can do, like homeschooling of people’s children or giving courses to adults who wish to learn a field you are conversant with.

It is good to note that this part would guarantee you steady income if you have the ability to teach people and make them comprehend easily and it also depends on the age range you feel comfortable tutoring.

You could start a private home tutoring program, where you visit the homes of neighbours or any interested parent to teach their kids and depending on your bargaining power, you will be going home with six figures monthly.

Content Provider/ Creator

The art of providing content is one skill which is in large demand in the social media age. Being a photographer, video editor, writer, artist are skills that you can use to start a business without really having money, if you already have the necessary devices.

For individuals looking to find opportunities to hire out their skills, sites like Fiverr create room for you to book gigs from businesses and provide content for them. If you have a passion for creating entertaining, captivating content that spurs engagement, you can make lots of money from this platform.

Repair/Skill-Based Services

If you are looking to start a business and you have a specific skill, there is no need to wait till you have capital because you would not need money to use it to render business services.

A person who has the knowledge of carpentry or car repair (mechanic), electrical repairs (electrician), plumbing could use them as the main revenue driver.

Social Media Influencer

One thing that the internet age has produced is ‘Influencers’, nd the beautiful part about it is that you do not need money to become one.

For you to be a social media influencer, you just need to first have good social media presence and followership, be savvy, creative, engaging and have an understanding of the platform or area you wish to focus on.

The importance of Influencers in todays business world cannot be overemphasised as numerous brands are going online to grow their business hiring the services of people who can navigate through social media platforms expertly.

You don’t really don’t need any capital to start as that can be done with your mobile phone or a laptop with internet connection.

Writing Consultant

Writing has existed through the ages and with the coming of new technology, it does not fade, rather it witnesses an upward shift. From writing on walls, to writing on tablets, then moving to books/paper and now we write electronically, digitally (phones, laptop – social media, websites etc)

While many people can write, just a few have mastered the art of writing engaging content. If you have such skill, you can make money through rendering services like writing cover letters, business plans, or even editing and proofreading literary work for individuals or companies.

Another area that can be explored is ghostwriting, particular for busy people with great ideas but who do not have the time to translate it to text.

With the business of writing, you will be easing the burden of such people by bringing their ideas to life through content writing, YouTube script writing, and so on.

If you are looking to set up a business but have no money to start you can mke your pick from any of these six aforementioned business ideas which do not require capital.

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