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6 Makeup Hacks For 2023 You Should Never Try

We all love to look classy and stunning without spending too much time on makeup and that is the reason we are always on the look out for good makeup hacks, but “hurry is the work of the devil.”

With the digital era everyone has become a makeup expert, presenting their makeup routine, recreating celebrity makeup looks and most importantly sharing makeup hacks.

Well, you might come across 100 makeup hacks on social media, but did you know that a few hacks are actually a big mistake!

A lot of our daily routine includes makeup since it not only gives our skin a glow but also draws attention to our best features. Additionally, many who adore makeup enjoy experimenting with different time-saving and product-playing techniques and methods.

Some of these techniques, meanwhile, may end up harming your skin more than they actually help.

1. Lip liners as eye waterline

The expert cautions against using this trick since lip liners have long-lasting pigments that can irritate the eyes. If you have hyperpigmented skin around your dark circles, apply Kajal sparingly.

2. Lipstick as a blush

The trick that the majority of cosmetic enthusiasts use is applying lipstick as blush. However, the expert advises against using dark coloured lipstick or liquid matte lipsticks as blush because they include darker pigment especially for lips. She also says that massaging the cheeks, which is not advised, might further darken pre-existing marks. Instead, she advises using a light-colored cream blush that is simple to blend.

3. Petroleum jelly for Huge Eyelashes

It makes sense that you would want longer eyelashes, but applying petroleum jelly to your eyelashes is a BIG NO. It won’t make your eyelashes thicker or grow longer. Small cysts will develop under your eyes as a result. Apply castor oil rather than if you want long eyelashes.

4. Glue as a pore cleanser and blackheads Remover

BIG No x 100 to this hack. As a child, applying and removing glue from your hands was acceptable, but using it on your face should be absolutely avoided. As glue is created with numerous chemicals that we can’t even conceive, it will result in skin outbreaks and many other issues. The skin will suffer the worst kind of harm from it.

5. Deodorant Rolls as Primer

It’s the most bizarre hack, and no one should use it. It is produced using several chemicals, some of which might irritate the skin and even leave it scarred.

6. Soap on the brows

Employing this technique because applying soap to the brows to make hair strokes evident and to fix them in place could cause the hairs to become weak enough to fall out.


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