5 Words Never to Say in a Relationship

5 Words Never to Say in a Relationship

Open communication without secrets is an important thing for a healthy relationship. The ability to express your thoughts and feelings to your partner is the best way to make sure that the chemistry between you and your partner is sustained.

Yet, at the peak of a moment, even the best of us use expression and we may later come to regret. As a result of this, it is expedient that you avoid these ten things.

“If you really loved me, you would/wouldn’t do ________”

This kind of expression in a relationship is an emotional intimidation.

Blackmailing your partner into acting or doing something you want them to do is a sure way to plant bitterness over time (even if it’s well-intentioned). Instead of blackmailing your spouse to do something for you, explain to your partner why it is important to you and tell your spouse you will feel happy when they do such thing. For instance: “If you help me with the house chores, it would make me feel like you value my time.”

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“You’re nothing like my ex”

It is comparison could be damaging and it should be avoided at all cost. Though you may even regard it as a compliment, you could, in the long run, be asking for a trouble. Focus on c omplimenting your partner on their own merit.

“Fine, you win”

There are tendencies to invoke this phrase in a relationship. Yet, this kind of phrase will only postpone the argument for other time. And then, when the issue comes up again, it could result in a very messy scene. It is advisable to see the end of an argument and both parties come to the place of resolution. You must make sure that you never go to bed still angry with your spouse.

“Get over it”

Understand the feeling of your spouse . Never tell your partner to get over an issue no matter how trivial it is it. Be a supportive partner and understand the feeling of your spouse even if you think that their feeling is silly. Instead of telling them to get over It, think about why they feel so strongly about something. Perhaps, talking it out with your spouse could be a bonus.

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“You’re crazy”

This is an expression you should never tell your spouse. Don’t make them question their psychological being. Even when you think you are saying it jokingly it could go a long way into the mental state of your spouse. What you may not know is that you are psychologically manipulating your spouse.

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