5 Signs That You Are Abusing Your Partner Psychologically Without Even Noticing

There are situations that embarrass, offend or hurt and that surely constitute psychological abuse, when it is a continuous situation. If it is an isolated event, by a thoughtless word or a bad moment, in which the partner acknowledges his mistake, apologizes and promises not to do more, it can not be said to be a situation of abuse.

Psychological abuse often grows in scale and is even worse than physical, since its marks are not visible and yet can hurt even more deeply. And even if cruel, it can go unnoticed or be seen as a “joke” or simple provocation without ulterior motives.
So that such an error does not occur in your relationship or to identify an abusive spouse, here are 5 signs that you are abusing your spouse psychologically
1. Your jokes have to do with personal problems or embarrassing situations

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Be it the weight, the overall appearance, the degree of instruction or physical defects, exposing private or embarrassing matters to your spouse. If you do this even by “joking,” this is psychological abuse.

2. Blame game

If you blame or let it appear that any of your actions are the responsibility of your spouse, it is abuse. Phrases like “it’s your fault” or “if you had not done, said, thought, looked, etc. like that I would not have done what I did”. Pure abuse.
3. You decrease spouse’s self-esteem

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If you refer to others in a way that damages their self-esteem, with jocular nicknames (fat, bald, witch, etc.) of low or humiliating significance, picking up on a partner’s “weakness”, be sure that this is abuse.
4. Lies

Every abusive person does not mind lying to achieve their goals. Every abuser is a stubborn liar. If you usually tell a “lie” or another and when you find you vehemently deny and say that the other is crazy, delusional or does not know what you are doing, you are being deeply abusive to your spouse.
5. Decrease your personal worth

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Every person wants to feel good about their abilities and ability to perform. If you question this ability of your spouse by saying that he/she does nothing right or cannot do anything good, you are contributing to your spouse’s unhappiness and being abusive.

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