5 Dangers of a Purposeless Life

1. It is a life without decision

Purpose discovery aids decision making but where purposeless living is the order of the day, directionless living becomes the lifestyle because decision determines direction in life.

What you decide is where you reside. One right decision of working on your purpose can reconfigure one’s life for progress but a man without purpose may not be able to take the right decision which would have usher him into the life of distinction.

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2. It is a life without focus

Nothing gives a man focus in life like purpose but where he lacks purpose, he will definitely live without a focus. A man without a focus is an aimless man toss by the wind moving from one business to the other, changing profession as if changing clothes. Such a man will be without progress or achievements. When you don’t focus on your purpose, failure will focus you.

3. It leads to frustration

When a man does not have a purpose that is driving him, there will be no focus. Absence of focus leads to failure while failure leads to frustration. No matter where you turn to or the strategy applied, without purpose, frustration is imminent.

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4. It is not a good foundation for marriage

Marriage is like an aeroplane, it needs both the pilot and a co-pilot to fly successfully. Likewise, in marriage and purpose, the two go together. If a man that has not discover his purpose gets married to a lady without purpose, the suffering it will bring will tear the marriage apart. That is why God introduced purpose to man first before marriage. (Gen.2:15-18)

5. It is a sure way to poverty

Poverty is a taskmaster but it is powerless before a man of purpose. Not knowing the reason for your existence is tantamount to enlisting yourself into lifetime poverty. Great people from slum and third world countries are people who discovered their purpose.

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Culled from Bisi Adewale’s Four Pillars of Life

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