5 Best NFT Art To Buy For Beginners 2024

NFTs have transformed the world of digital art and the price tags for popular projects continue to rise. But with millions of NFTs already launched and many more on the way, how do you know which projects are worth your attention right now?

We’ve scoured the NFT market to find the top 5 new NFT projects in 2022. Read on to find the best NFT to buy today!

The Top 5 NFTs to Buy in 2022

We’ve rounded up the 5 best NFTs for 2022:

  • Yubo – Our Favorite NFT Project for 2022
  • Crypto Baristas – NFTs for Coffee Lovers
  • Doodles – Vote on the Future of Your NFT Community
  • Invisible Friends – Best Animated NFT
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club – A Fresh Take on a Popular NFT Collection

A Closer Look at the Best New NFT Drops

Want to know more about these new NFT projects? We explain what each one is about and why they’re worth a closer look.

1. Yubo – Most Anticipated NFT Project for 2022

Most expensive NFT art

Yubo is a social live streaming app that makes it easy to connect with friends and meet people around the world. You can chat, stream YouTube videos, and play games. Plus, Yubo makes it easy to create your own community of like-minded people or find new friends with similar interests.

Yubo recently released its first NFT collection called Yubo Randos. The idea behind the collection is that everyone needs a rando in their life. Random as they are, they’re often the most memorable people when you think back on tough times or big experiences.

The inaugural collection includes 10,000 different Randos, and each character comes with a one-line fact about what makes them unique. All Randos live on the Ethereum blockchain and they can be resold at any time with a 10% royalty fee (fees go towards giveaways, merch, and other perks for Rando NFT holders).

One of the main benefits for Yubo users is that you have the exclusive right to send, share, and pin your Rando NFT on the Yubo app. Later this year, Yubo plans to introduce exclusive events and live streams for Rando NFT owners, enabling you to create a community of like-minded NFT collectors. The first private event is planned for July 2022.

You can buy a Rando through Yubo’s NFT auction for 0.1 ETH apiece. Current Yubo users can also get access to Randos through giveaways and other special events on the Yubo app. Even if you don’t get your hands on a Rando NFT, look forward to upcoming merch and additional drops tailored to the collection.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

2. Crypto Baristas – NFTs for Coffee Lovers

Most expensive NFT art

Crypto Baristas is a new NFT drop built with caffeine lovers in mind. This collection of 60 tokens features fun-loving and fun-looking baristas, each of whom bring their own take on how to make the best coffee.

Crypto Baristas is more than just a new NFT project, too. The ultimate goal behind the sale of Crypto Baristas NFTs is to raise enough money to open a real-world coffee shop in New York City. The shop will serve as a hub for all things crypto, including helping Crypto Baristas holders and fans build a community. In the long-term, the Crypto Baristas team is hoping to use its shop and funds to improve the sustainability of the coffee supply chain. Lofty goals,

This NFT also comes with coffee perks. Token holders receive a lifetime discount at Coffee Bros. online and at any future Crypto Baristas cafes.

Crypto Baristas are available to buy on Rarible starting from 0.18 ETH.

3. Doodles – Vote on the Future of Your NFT Community

Most expensive NFT art

Doodles is one of the best NFTs to invest in right now if you’re after long-term appreciation. This collection of 10,000 characters – which includes everything from pickles to skeletons to cats – has taken the NFT market by storm. Each Doodle is hand-drawn by illustrator Scott Martin and is completely unique.

What makes the Doodles NFT project different from other collections is that token holders have a say in how the community moves forward. Owning a Doodle entitles you to a vote on how the Doodlebank, a reserve of more than $5 million in cash, is used to launch new projects and initiatives.

The Doodles project is constantly evolving, too. Martin recently released Doodles in Space, a collection of spaceships and other intergalactic accessories for existing Doodles. Anyone who already owns a Doodle can access this new NFT drop for free, increasing the potential value of your NFT.

4. Invisible Friends – Best Animated NFT

Most expensive NFT art

The Invisible Friends NFT collection is one of the best NFT tokens from a technical perspective. Each piece of art features an invisible character decked out in style, walking in place on a loop.

While that might seem simple, creating life-like movement for 5,000 different characters is incredibly difficult. Each character has to move fluidly without going anywhere, and many of them are also balancing objects in their hands or on their heads.

The project’s success is thanks to the vision and creativity of creator Markus

Magnusson. The project is hosted on the Random Character Collective on Discord, which has nearly 250,000 members.

The Invisible Friends collection is already entirely sold out, but you can still buy and sell these NFTs on OpenSea. Most Invisible Friends are currently selling for 6-7 ETH, or around $20,000.

5. Mutant Ape Yacht Club – A Fresh Take on a Popular NFT Collection

Best NFT art

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club isn’t so much an upcoming NFT project as a new take on an existing project. To create a mutant ape, you must own a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and expose it to a vial of mutant serum. Instantly, your bored ape will be transformed into a new piece of digital art that’s related to – but unique from – the original.

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection includes up to 20,000 NFTs, some of which can also be minted during the public sale. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, many of these apes are selling for more than 20 ETH on OpenSea. That’s more than $60,000 per ape.

The project doesn’t have quite as large a following as the original Bored Ape Yacht Club community, but that’s likely just because it’s new. It remains to be seen how the two ape clubs will interact or merge in the future.


These 5 new NFT projects have quickly attracted attention and offer a lot of promise for digital art collectors.

If you’re looking to buy NFTs today, check out Yubo Randos. With 10,000 different Randos to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Plus, you can share your Rando on the Yubo app to start building your digital community.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.


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