40 Cute Things To Say When Your Girlfriend Looks Beautiful

Of course you think that your girlfriend is perpetually beautiful . To you, she is gorgeous all of the time. But there are obviously days where your girlfriend appears even more beautiful than she usually does . Days where she is quite literally breathtaking . On those days , you might not want to be blaise and just stick with , “Babe you look beautiful .” Instead you might want to try taking her breath away by telling her she ’ s beautiful in a much more complex way .

A little effort goes a long way when it comes situations such as these. You want to go above and beyond. What could it hurt ? Scoring extra brownie points and
raising your partner ’ s confidence levels? Why not do it !? What could you have to possibly lose ? The answer : Nothing . But you certainly have a lot to gain !

What To Say When Your Girlfriend Looks Beautiful

The Simple Ways

  1. You are stunning today .
  2. You look phenomenal .
  3. You are a sight for sore eyes !
  4. You are truly gorgeous .
  5. You look stunning.
  6. You take my breath away with your beauty .

The Complex Ways

  1. God was surely being a show off when he created you.
  2. If you look in the mirror , you will see the most beautiful thing on this planet staring back at you.
  3. I didn ’ t think it was even humanly possible for you to look any prettier than you did yesterday . Boy, was I wrong .
  4. Your beauty is almost blinding . Because it comes from the inside and the outside all at once .
  5. When I saw you, I remembered that pure beauty still exists . It made me believe that there was still good in this world.
  6. Not only is your mind captivating, but your physique is as well. I have a hard time ever looking away from you .
  7. Even the angels in heaven cannot compete with the glory that is you .
  8. You may not always feel beautiful , but I promise you that you always are no matter what .
  9. Look deep into my eyes and you will see the reflection of the most gorgeous creature on Earth. You.
  10. To wake up every day with your beautiful smile right next to me is such a wonderful blessing indeed.
  11. Everyone on Earth is envious that I am with you, because everyone knows they cannot compete with your beauty .
  12. Everything and everyone can be replaced , except for you . Your beauty is one of a kind . In and out.
  13. You will never truly understand just how beautiful you are to me . In every way possible .
  14. When I first saw you , you took the breath right out of my lungs. Nothing has changed , you still have that very same effect on me each and every time that I lay my eyes upon you.
  15. No matter what is going on in life , just keep your chin up darling and remember how beautiful I think that you are .
  16. I look at you my gorgeous lover and have no problem picturing you here with me for the rest of our lives.
  17. You have a beauty that eyes cannot deny, but your soul has a beauty that hearts can always feel.
  18. You are absolutely beautiful in all of your ways .
  19. You are more beautiful than all of the models on magazine covers. You are more stunning than the singers on the radio or the girls walking down the street . You are the most beautiful girl out of them all .
  20. When you smile , you make me melt. When I touch your skin, I feel my heart skip a beat . I am so lucky to be in love with such a magnificent piece of art .
  21. Have I told you today how pretty you are ? That your soul , mind and body are the most beautiful things I have ever encountered in my entire life .
  22. Stop being so down on yourself , I think you are super gorgeous in every way .
  23. I love the feeling I get when I see your beautiful smile .
  24. Everything about you just simply drives me wild .
  25. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I ever got so damn lucky .
  26. You don ’ t need to be pretty like someone else . You only need to be pretty like yourself . That’ s the prettiest of pretty there is .
  27. The happier you are , the more beautiful you become to me .
  28. I wish I could explain all of the things that your beauty does to me .
  29. Like a wildflower , you are amazingly gorgeous and unique.
  30. No one is perfect , but I swear by looking at you I think that every inch of you is just that . Perfection .
  31. You are so beautiful when you are just yourself . I am in love with it!
  32. You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart .
  33. How are you so cute , even when you are not trying to be ?
  34. Girls will be jealous of you when you leave the house today . You are just too damn pretty .
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