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4 Things That Are Keeping You From Achieving Greatness Right Now

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As we near the end of the COVID outbreak and enter the middle of 2020, it is vital that we shake off any post-pandemic panic and adjust our mental vision to see things from a 20/20 perspective. Despite any negative economic situations you may be experiencing as a result of those months sheltered-in-place, I want you to know that the power to change your situation and level up, despite these perceived setbacks, lies within you.

So, the responsibility to implement the solution to changing your situation and achieving that greatness you desire rests squarely upon your shoulders. The problem is that desiring greatness alone or just positively thinking that you can pull it off isn’t enough to actually do it. That being said, I’m going to share with you the top 4 things that will keep you from achieving greatness, if you don’t make some adjustments.

These are the same steps that I took during the shelter-in-place which resulted in me getting my first national article published, self-publishing my first book, and launching my first virtual live training course. By the way, none of these accomplishments were on my list of goals prior to the COVID pandemic.

1. Lack of Making a True Decision

This can be attributed to the absence of a clear objective that you’ve decided to accomplish in your life. I see so many people get this wrong. They think that they’ll get all the details to the big picture first and then they’ll get started. That is absolutely backwards. You must make the decision first. With that decision comes the tunnel vision that is needed to ultimately accomplish your goal and not quit along the way.

Once you have made this decision, you need to write it down and make it plain. You must understand that once you do this you have just birthed something new into existence. Something that if nurtured with faith and consistent action will one day grow into the physical manifestation of what you see internally.

Remember that every company, book, product and invention began first as an idea in the mind of someone who made the decision to pursue and bring that idea into reality.

“Big things start small.”- Jeff Bezos

2. Not Taking Immediate & Consistent Action

The next step is to take immediate action, even though you don’t really know what to do yet. This is where so many people get stumped and stuck. They think they need to know everything to make their dreams a reality. The solution is really as simple as this: Take (2) actions every day which will move you a little bit closer to your goal. This will require discipline on your part, as there will be many times in your journey ahead when you won’t feel like doing what it takes for you to succeed.

Trust me; I’ve been there and done that. You don’t have to know everything, but you do have to be consistent in your actions. The reason for this is because the answers will only be revealed to you a little bit at a time, as you keep consistently inching your way forward. Eventually, all of those little consistent steps will have an exponential effect which will skyrocket you towards success!

These micro-steps also help you to avoid getting stuck in mental overwhelm from your lack of knowledge or the perceived size of the task before you. My personal mantras while undergoing this process were, “Little Bit by Little Bit” and “Progress Over Perfection.” I hope these help you on your journey of greatness this year!

3. A Lack of Faith

Sometimes life has a way of humbling even the biggest of us, which can result in us feeling small and powerless. This was a common feeling that many people around the world experienced due to shelter-in-place efforts at flattening the COVID-19 curve. It’s during times like these that having faith in our abilities, and in the God who placed them within us, is crucial to achieving the greatness we desire.

It is helpful to believe that there is a God who made you and has an amazing plan for your life. It is also equally important to have faith in yourself and in what you can still accomplish. Take stock of your life and look back over all of your accomplishments. Those victories and memories are not meant to be static; they are yours to access and to pull strength and inspiration from whenever, wherever, and forever.

Assess what it took for you to achieve those wins and know that a winner is still inside of you. He or she is waiting for you to dig deeper and see what you’ve really got inside of you for this next level. Since you’ve won in the past, that means that you can win now and in the future.

Believe that no matter what may have befallen you this year, you and your God-given abilities are enough to transform the remainder of your year and make it something amazing!

“What you have experienced, no power on earth can take from you.”- Viktor E. Frankl

4. Being Cheap and Not Willing to Invest in Your Success

The old adage goes that it takes money to make money. While this isn’t true 100% of the time, it is accurate more often than not. Unfortunately, too many times we want something for nothing and aren’t willing to invest the time and financial resources necessary for our own success. I’m not saying that you have to be rich and invest tens of thousands of dollars in order to make it. I am saying that at some point you will need to make some sort of financial investment in your future.

For me that meant investing a couple hundred dollars in two courses that helped me to acquire new skill-sets, which I immediately began using to convert my ideas into cash. At some point, you may realize (like I did) that you need a little help from the experts and begin investing in yourself a little bit here and there through e-books and coaching courses. Maybe you’ll decide to invest in hiring a life coach or business development coach to help you navigate the turbulent waters up ahead, instead of attempting to go it alone.

Even investing $12 in an e-book by an expert with proven results can help you compress time frames and yield impressive results in your own endeavors.

If you decide to put these 4 principles into action, I’m confident that the remainder of your year will be quite the spectacular one. Congratulations in advance!!


What’s the accomplishment you’re proudest of this year? Share it with us below!

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