4 Dead, 10 Injured As Sylvester Madu Escapes Death As Gunmen Attack Crew at Movie Set

Actor Sylvester Madu of Nollywood narrowly escaped death following a vicious attack by gunmen at a movie location.

The actor reportedly relocated to Bamenda in Cameroon on November 23, 2023, in order to work on a film project. Cameroonian fans also greeted him with great enthusiasm, unable to contain their excitement at seeing the skillful screen god.

But on Saturday, November 25, at around ten o’clock at night, some unidentified gunmen barraged a drinking spot where Sylvester Madu and a few others were hanging out, causing chaos among those in attendance.

It was discovered that the attack claimed the lives of four people and left over ten with serious injuries.

Fortunately, Sylvester Madu escaped unharmed because the Cameroonian police moved quickly to resolve the issue.

The horrible incident was further confirmed by a press release issued by the film company that invited Sylvester Madu to Cameroon for the shoot.

The text of the statement is as follows:


Bamenda, 26 November 2023- Sylvester Madu | ABAKWA Movie

DAMA Fims received Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu aka Shina Rambo on Thursday the 23rd of November 2023 in Bamenda for a Movie shoot advocating against hard drug addiction.l While concluding the movie, we received an invite for a guest appearance at BIG G VIP located at Mile 3 Nkwen. The snooker championship organized by Big G began at 3 pm, everything went well with fans meeting Sylvester Madu, at past 10 pm we heard gunshots from outside, and many ran helter-skelter leading to the death of 4 civilians and over 10 wounded. The police intervened securing the safety of the Nollywood actor Sylvester Madu and dispersed the crowd.

From Midnight, in the spirit of goodwill, onlookers carried the wounded to the nearest hospitals PMI Nkwen and Regional Hospital, where they are presently receiving treatment. The Police are currently conducting investigations to this effect. They promise the safety of Nollywood Actor Sylvester Madu and his subsequent excursion to his country Nigeria. DAMA Film sends a heartfelt condolence to the parents, siblings, and friends who we join in mourning the deceased.

DAMA Films acknowledges the unfortunate happenings and regrets not taking better measures. These grave effects go into consideration in future projects. For more information contact +237654903405.”

Refer to the statement below:

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