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3 Out Of 4 Police Officers Who Searched Edwin Clark’s House Dismissed

The dismissal of three out of the four police officers who searched the Abuja residence of Edwin Clark, an Ijaw national leader has been approved my Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP).

On Tuesday, the officers searched Clark’s residence but did not find anything incriminating.

The police apologized to the Ijaw leader and also revealed the identities of the officers who did it.

The officers were identified as David Dominic, an assistant superintendent of police, Godwin Musa, Sada Abubakar and Yabo Paul , all inspectors of police.

In a statement yesterday, Jimoh Moshood, police spokesman, said Idris approved that Dominic “be on interdiction from service pending the determination of his case by the Police Service Commission.”

“The inspector-general of police has approved the dismissal from the service of the Nigeria Police Force, three inspectors namely: AP/No. 18858 Inspr Godwin Musa, AP/No. 225812 Inspr Sada Abubakar and (and) AP/No. 225828 Inspr Yabo Paul, and the immediate interdiction of AP. No 158460 ASP David Dominic who were involved in the unauthorised, illegal and unprofessional misconduct in the search of the residence of elder stateman, chief in Asokoro, Abuja on 4th September, 2018,” the statement read.

“Ap. No. 158460 ASP David Dominic was queried and being investigated for discreditable conduct, negligence of duty and an act unbecoming of a police officer which constitute Serious Misconduct and if not checked can be inimical to the image of the Nigeria Police Force and violation of fundamental human rights of the Elder Statesman as provided for in the 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended.

“The gravity of the offences against the officer is serious in nature and dismissal from service is imminent.

“The IGP also approved and upheld the dismissal from service of AP/No. 18858 Inspr Godwin Musa, AP/No. 225812 Inspr Sada Abubakar and AP/No. 225828 Inspr Yabo Paul, after the trio were tried under oath in orderly room trial for discreditable conduct, Illegal duty, disobedience to lawful order and other misconduct contrary to the rule of law.

“The suspect (informant) Ismail Yakubu from Waru village, Apo district, Abuja, has been charged to upper area court Mpape, Abuja for giving false information and telling falsehood that misled police action.”

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