3 Behavioural Signs You Are Leaving With A Liar And How To Cope

If you are in a relationship and you notice that he lies always, then you are victimized by lies, both sides need help then. Revolting and giving up will be bad for both. The ideal is first to ensure that the lie is part of the life of your beloved and then learn to deal with it and the situations he puts it.

Here are some signs that may indicate that he lies:

1. Money disappears

Marriage is a society, a financial partnership. Regardless of whether a spouse does not engage in paid work for a more harmonious life, the funds are administered by the two (in most cases). But the liar cannot be transparent about his finances. He always gets a little way and he can “hide” something.

How to deal?

Dialogue is always the best way. In this case, the conversation can walk with milder but effective actions on the part that feels injured. One of them is the joint account, bank online monitoring or together organize a budget worksheet and be faithful to it regularly. It is important not to act hidden, so you will be lying as well and generate new problems.

2. The phone is locked

Currently, cell phones are password-locked for security reasons and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when the cell phone is untouchable by third parties, including wife and children. Sign that something is stored there that can not be seen. Each couple has their customs and habits.

However, when the cell phone is always unavailable, he leaves in the car when entering the house, he turns off, he blocks absolutely everything and when one simply walks the despair reigns, it can be a lie signal in the air.

How to deal?

If this bothers you too much to the point of disrupting the marriage, it’s time to be strict and say that you suspect and that you feel bad about this behavior.

3. If you often contradict yourself

Stories are told in every moment in a different way. Time was with friend A, the other week the character already changes. It’s never where it claims to be. Call her saying she’s at a work dinner and comes home starving. He says he was with a friend in common, but you just ran into this friend in the supermarket. The contradictions are constantly popping up in simple details. It may be another warning sign that lying is part of your spouse’s daily life.

How to deal?

Being as true as possible. If the situation is recurrent and the dialogue does not resolve, the next step must be taken and the suspicion of something has no problem in running behind to make sure the information is true or not.

If it is proven that he lies to you, at every discovery calmly explain how much it damages your relationship . Help him to always seek the truth and fight together so that transparency and sincerity are his companions.

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