2023: Why North Wants To Keep Power – Afenifere Leader Adebanjo

A leader of the pan-Yoruba group Afenifere, Ayo Adebanjo, has said that the northern part of the country is insisting on keeping power beyond 2023 because they want to dominate Nigeria.

According to Adebanjo, President
Muhammadu Buhari is also a dictator and has shown he does not follow the country’s laws.

He alleged that Buhari is not interested in restructuring the country and returning it to true federalism as many people have clamoured for.

“They don’t want to rule, they want to dominate. It is not a question of democracy; Buhari by birth is a feudalist and by training is a dictator, and I have given evidence of that before he was voted in 2015,” he told Sun News.

“When I gave all the evidence for his dictatorial tendencies that he is not a democrat, and he doesn’t obey the rule of law, I was accused then of whipping up sentiments against him when he was a military officer, but now, it doesn’t follow because he is a civilian.

“How far I have been proved right or wrong, the rest is history.”

He added, “I know this Buhari, there is no quarrel between him and me, and I have repeated all over again that Afenifere, where I belonged, campaigned for him in 2011, and he has not refuted it.

“It was on the ground that he was going to restructure the country to true federalism. I say it publicly, let him deny this, by then Pastor Tunde Bakare was his running mate.

“Even the APC he is in now, they are so deceitful, they talked about restructuring and when they came to power they didn’t believe in it and claimed not to know the meaning or understand it.

“They set up El- Rufai committee on restructuring and the report was produced and they set it aside.

“What are you telling me? This is why I said he cannot be trusted, and now he is talking about the type of true federalism, what type of talk is that when Jonathan handed over to him the 2014 confab report? Is it not there, and he said he would not touch it even with a long stick.”

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