13 Brain foods to boost your exam performance

With the exam season just around the corner, find out which foods intake you should increase? Find out what you should consume to spurt your senses or what will help you deal with those jangling nerves and ever-growing stress?

It’s a known fact that whatever you eat or drink can directly affect your physical and mental health and that means indirectly your exam performance. So, why take a chance and eat those foods which can have a negative impact on your mind and body. As this can affect your grades and all your efforts of the entire year would go down the drain.

To help you score better in your exams, shiksha.com brings you a list of 13 super-brain foods with extraordinary power that will not only provide you nutrition but will also help you sail smoothly through your exams.

Whole Grains

Superpower: Energy & Increases mental alertness

Have whole grains to secure better grades. These complex un-refined carbohydrates are digested slowly and steadily. Not only will they improve your brain power but will also help you to study for extended hours.

These are the best for students who want to improve their memory as they have to mug up a lot. Whole grains contain fibers, vitamins, and even some Omega-3 which are excellent for improvement of blood circulation. Some of the easily available whole grains are wheat, oat-meals, barley, maize etc.


Superpower: Hydrates your body; Helps flow of blood normally

Though not a food but water helps you keep your body hydrated along with keeping your brain healthy. Water is a medium through which blood in our body flows, thus, transporting oxygen to all tissues of the body. It’s due to this process that our brain starts functioning in a better way and becomes more alert.

According to NHS (National Health Service), an individual should drink 1.2 liters of fluid a day, wherein water is the most preferred liquid. So, for normal body and brain functioning during exam time, have adequate water.

Green Tea

Superpower: Contains antioxidants and repels mental fatigue

Having green tea during exams may not only protect your brain from wear and tear but also help you ward off mental fatigue. If you a night owl, green tea is a must for you. Loaded with natural fuel and energy boosting powers, green tea contains polyphenols.

A bitter tasting ingredient, polyphenols help in transmitting signals of ‘reward’ and ‘motivation’ to the brain. What more can you ask for during exams!!


Superpower: Rich in choline and proteins; helps improve memory function

One of the most versatile foods around, eggs in any form – poached , sunny side-up, boiled, fried or scrambled – are good and healthy for one’s body. Rich in proteins, eggs are of vital importance when it comes to improving your memory function. Infact, for students, eggs are the best.

Choline in eggs helps your brain stay alert for a longer time as compared to simple carbohydrates while proteins in eggs provide amino acids, which further , help the brain cells build networks and communicate with each other.

Milk Chocolates/Dark chocolates

Superpower: Loaded with anti-oxidants; improves focus and concentration

Does this even need an introduction? Always by your side, dark Chocolates are everyone’s favourite and the most delicious of all the brain foods listed. Rich in anti-oxidants, dark chocolates, increase clarity and alertness level of the brain by improving the blood flow. Thus, enhancing your cognitive skills like solving equation and essay writing. Scientifically proven to be a stress-buster, dark-chocolates help you stay happy which may just give you that extra boost to study better.

Milk Chocolates : If you want to improve your memory and reaction time, then this food has all the power you need .

Green Vegetables

Superpower: Supplies rich complex carbohydrates; reduces fatigue and drowsiness

Green leafy veggies are the best for brain as they contain iron, protein, fiber and calcium that are essential for the brain to function properly. Infact, having them raw is the best way to acquire maximum nutritional benefit from them.


Superpower: Enhances memory power; keeps you alert

High on fibre and natural sugar, fruits are a must-have and prove to be the best for you during your exams. There are many options to eat as where on one hand, apples help in improving study habits and academic performance, bananas keep you from feeling hungry quickly and help you avoid distractions.

Cherries too are high in dietary fiber and since they contain antioxidants in abundance, it helps in boosting your immune system besides keeping you awake and alert. Oranges are believed to be the best to keep you happy and even protect you from illness such as cold due to its high Vitamin C contenet. Oranges also help in increasing productivity as they provide energy at a slower rate. Grapes can also work wonders for you.

Peanut butter

Superpower: Keeps you full for a long time

Since, peanut butter contains healthy fats and lots of protein (per serving), it will keep you full for a long time. In fact, just eat a little amount and see the result for yourself. Moreover, since, they do not expire quickly; you can always keep it handy for ehenever and wherever the need arises.


Superpower: Increases speed with which you work

Technically, coffee isn’t a food but it can definitely help you through your exams. Coffee/caffeine has the power to increase your speed and decrease attention lapses. Infact, only the smell can keep you up and awake through the day or night. However, you should always take coffee in a regulated manner.


Superpower: Easily digestible; contains Omega-3 oils

If you’re a bookworm, this brain food is apt for you. Choked with Omega-3 oils and proteins, fish can be digested easily and help your brain to function well. Infact, fish isn’t as fatty as compared to red meats and come really cheap. Be it fresh or canned, fish should top the list of ‘foods to have’ during exam.

Dry fruits

Superpower: High level of fatty acids; helps in improving memory power

Go nuts for these – almonds, pistachios, walnuts or any other nut – during your exams! From increasing mental clarity and memory power to reducing insomnia, dry fruits/nuts help you with everything. High in saturated fat and calories nuts are a good source of energy and the perfect brain food for students during exams.

While almonds and walnuts are good for your memory, walnuts are high in fatty acids, which further, help your brain to perform in the best way possible.


Superpower: Packed with nutrition

Since, legumes like beans and lentils are packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium. The high concentration of folic acid in them helps in improving your memory, which in turn, will help you increase your ability to recollect information.

Infact, beans like chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils are filled with protein, which by powering your brains, will making studying your most difficult subjects, a cakewalk.

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