12 Things Women Do When They’re Cheating In Their Relationship

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Here are some signs that woen display when they’re cheating.

1. Nagging 

Is she nagging you non-stop? Now. Before you answer this; ask yourself… is she nagging you because you aren’t taking responsibility for yourself/your household duties, or is she looking for things to nitpick you about? Often men and women’s definitions of “nagging” are different. If she’s just grasping at straws looking for faults, she might be digging for a reason to end things.

2. Hanging with Someone New

Does your partner have a new friend? That’s totally normal. LOL. Policing who your partner can and cannot be friends with is not healthy. That being said, if she seems reluctant to discuss this person or share details of their relationship, that might be a sign that there is something to be suspicious of. If you are unsure, why don’t you ask?

3. A Sudden Interest in Your Schedule

Again. This is a totally normal thing that couples do. “How was your day?” or “What do you have going on today?” is a nice thing humans do to show they care. But if she seems nervous, or like she’s keeping tabs on you, then maybe you should start worrying. Once again, a simple hey, what’s up with you? could fix all this suspicion.

4. Preoccupied

Do you notice a sudden lack of presence on her part when you’re hanging out? Does she no longer listen to you when you speak? Are you boring? Or is she cheating? Or is she just going through something at the moment? Maybe ask her! See if she needs your support, a listening ear, or if she’s schtuping someone else.

5. Silence

If you do confront her about your suspicions, does she stay silent? Does she divert or distract or gaslight? Not only is that a sign of infidelity, but it’s a sign of abuse. If the relationship is important to you, you should work on this tactic together; if neither of you are capable of that, you should get out.

6. Hiding Her Phone


This is pretty standard cheating behavior. Is there suddenly a passcode on her phone when there wasn’t one before? Does she never leave the thing unattended with you? Is it because you’ve invaded her privacy in the past or is this a completely new and unwarranted thing? Maybe ask! Hey, I’ve noticed that you are suddenly being protective of your phone and it’s making me feel suspicious, is there something we need to talk about?

7. Romance is Dead

Couples typically have peaks and valleys to their sex life; it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is cheating-sometimes changes in hormones, health, or stress can affect a woman’s sex drive. Either way, if you notice a lull in intimacy, it’s good to communicate through it. Ask what’s going on and really care about the answer. If she’s having sex with someone else instead of you, isn’t it better just to know?

8. Constantly On Her Phone

Smart phones might be more of a problem for relationships than infidelity. But, if you catch her smiling or laughing at her phone; or blushing like a school girl at the little screen, there might be cause for concern. Instead of snooping or letting your anxiety over the matter get the best of you, you should probably just ask her about it. Who’s making you smile like that? You know, in polyamorous relationships, seeing someone else make your partner happy can increase one’s own happiness. There’s even a word for it; compersion.

9. Buying New Clothes

Is she in makeover mode? A lot of women change their appearance to coincide with changes in their lives? Is she about to make a big change? Has she already made one? Talk to her to find out.

10. Emotional Distance


Do you suddenly feel an emotional void between the two of you that wasn’t there before? She may be saving that intimacy for someone else. Bridging that gap is the only real way to healing, though, and that starts with a conversation.

11. She Won’t Answer Certain Calls in Front of You


This could be considered suspicious if she’d never done this before. But also, who calls someone? Text like a normal person.

12. Showing Her Annoyance

Is she, like, super annoyed with you? Is she not afraid to show it? Are you annoying? Or is she grumpy because she wants to go hang out with her other boyfriend? Better ask.


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